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Old September 15th, 2017, 11:20 AM
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Re: Priyanka Chopra is the new face of Guess

How did u tie in our Piggy-ly with Myanmaar,.. I still am confused,. !

Nonetheless,.. I would not say she is that wise,.. an 11-12th grade pass,….she is rather lucky,.. got all the factors favorable,.. “ Right time at the right place phenomenon “– worked well for her when her mamma sent her to beauty contests out of her knowledge,… ” ., and a talking mouth, and hence can systematically hide other loads of knowledge deficiency,…… with language power,.. in fact, she is not that beautiful either, but still the way she keeps herself in tact and decorate herself and makes pretty-pleasant, like a well-furnished restaurant dish,… hence, we all like and love this sheedy - shit,… mardaana,-hemen-body-builder-black, buffalo,..btw,.. I am no exception. She is also among my top 5 most favorite ones,..

As, have read about Myanmaar problem,… I did not get into too much details, @ what it’s all about, but still the fact we all know,.. this will create an another problem like Bangladesh Sharnaarthee( refugees ),.. when, at the time of IG,….. it’s like a camel of an arab,.. it will slowly but surely spread the legs and later entire body in the tent and will put you ( all hindus ) freaking out eventually,..

First refugee,……… then citizens,…….then rights,….. then voting rights,…then fattawaah,…….. then terrorism,……. then handle of other secular parties, for vote-bank sale,………. then… ( faking like rabbits with sis and nieces – multigaumy ) .multiplying in leaps and bounce like an ant-hive,.. and then eventually will tell Hindus,… freak it about Ram-Mandeer…….. who da fakk u are,. Get outtaa of our nation,.. !! Or we need our own Pkaistan no. 3.

The sad part is, this real truth no one can see thro’,… and on da other hand other so many Muslim nations ( who are watching this cunningly and shrewdly ) do not speak anything about it,… ‘Coz india is a free-Langar feeding sarva-dharma shelter for all,…. French came,….. Dutch came,……. Portugese ( Mr. Gamma ) came,……. Yahudis came,……British came, ……Moughal came,……. So maany Robbers came and robbed,… Parsi came,.. .. We fed free lands to China, both Pakistans, gave away, 1/3 POK gone, akshay-chin, Div-daman-Goa agreements, Sia-chin was close to free donation,.. Simla karaar,…… Doklam in problem, Keral, Bengal and Kashmir burning in sick secularism,.. Owaisi says Hyderabad is mine,…. Ram-mandeer you can not build in your own nation,… ( SC ki fattai hai,…… Fattwaah se ) and what not !

Well,….Get ready for Pakistan no. 3 to giveaway, the way I see it as,…

Welcome Myaanmaar, feel like home………...Every1, have fakked us royally, why you left alone, U have done nthg wrong and need not to be exempted,.. .. Just Do it ! J

Hey Rimple sweetie,.. ( my sweet honey ) where is my three-not-three,…. that loaded with 6 Cartridges, one in underneath my night table lamp drawer….?
Baa-Kasam,……Aaj koi gaya samzo !

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guess, priyanka chopra

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