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Old January 24th, 2017, 06:47 PM
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Ashdoc's movie review---The bye bye man

Over 40 years ago , a crazed man living in a particular house shot dead scores of people . The findings of the investigation into the crime were suppressed till the current era . The happenings were long forgotten till a group of three young students ( two males , one female ) decide to lease the same house for themselves because the male and female are in a relationship and want to live in .

As they move in , predictably strange things begin to happen . The first person to make contact with the spirit ( what else it could be....?? ) in the house is a little girl . Now this is typical of horror movies . Small children and especially girls seem more vulnerable and them making contact with the ghost does give you the chills especially because the little girl is alone in a big dark room .

Also the girlfriend develops a peculiar persistent cough , and the boyfriend begins to see things that make him suspect the nature of the relationship between his girlfriend and his friend . Also they begin to find coins again and again in the house , something that the little girl had already found lying in the big room .

They have a seance in the company of another girl and the girl detects the presence of something in the house . Already the boyfriend has found some strange writings written somewhere in the house and in the middle of them are written some words . The speaking of the words in the middle of the seance is the beginning of the horror....

As the boyfriend investigates the past , he finds out that in the house is a curse . Anyone who speaks the cursed words ( which were written in the middle of the strange writings ) gets afflicted by the curse . And he or she begins to go mad and see weird things and suspect wrong things about his near and dear ones . It is like a virus that spreads to anyone who knows about the cursed words .

So what is the solution to this ? The solution is to kill anyone who has heard the cursed words , for if he or she speaks them to other persons then those too are likely to get affected like a viral infection that has no cure . But this solution means a pile of dead bodies....

The movie has the standard tricks of a horror movie . The presence of the house in a remote forested area , the house having plenty dark rooms , also the cellar below that is frightening , the doors slamming shut in the house suddenly without warning---all this is cliched stuff . But the curse which when spoken afflicts the person spoken to---this was new stuff to me at least . And the solution---to kill anyone who has heard the cursed words---was newer still . So the movie had something to hold my interest . The audience was getting nervous during the horror scenes , which meant that the audience was interested too .

The girlfriend ( played by Cressida Bonas ) looked lovely , with a delicate body to go along with her blue eyes and blonde hair . Acting by her boyfriend ( played by Douglas Smith ) and his other friend ( played by Lucien Laviscount ) was not great however . The horror scenes are decently created . But photography and background music leave much to be desired . However , me being a aficionado of the horror movie genre made me find the film interesting enough .

Verdict---Okay .

Two and a half stars
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