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Old September 27th, 2001, 12:39 PM
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Exclamation Terrorist attack on US: The winners and the loosers

With the declaration of Pakistan that it will not do anything against Taliban Government and it will
not allow anybody to dislodge Talibanis from Afganistan has hit the nail on the head.

USA has amended its stand also. Now it will be satisfied with the arrest of only Osama Bin Laden. USA
has refused to help Northern Alliance in their effort to win back the control on Afganistan.

The western allies and Japan is rushing millions of Dollars worth aid to Pakistan.All for only a
declaration that Pakistan is also against International terrorism and it will help USA in capturing
Osama. God alone knows what help it has so far rendered.

In the name of refugees from Afganistan, Pakistan is asking for UN help.Western allies including Japan
are rushing thousands of tonnes of food to Pakistan.Now Pakistan will be self sufficient in food as
long as it maintains that there are refugees in their country.

By few slogans which are liked by USA, Pakistan got all the sanctions lifted in "couple of days". USA
was thinking of lifting the sanctions on India and the process was to take place anywhere between "five
to six months".

16 days are over since the tragedy took place. Not a single terrorist has been arrested and formaly
charged. The drama of search is going on. In the mean while US and global economy is driven to
nadir.President Bush had to go to a restaurant with his family and friends. Immediate past President
Klinton goes to shopping and allows himself to be screened. All these efforts are to lift the gloom set
over USA.

CNN and BBC is now showing how the POOR refugees are clamouring to get into Pakistan.It shows
interviews of young Afghans and the poor children.The tables are turned on USA and allies for creating
this human misery.

With the passage of time, the deep wounds of 11th September will get healed.US residents feelings will
be calmed.The institutional memory is short and therefore,USA may limp back to near normalcy in time to
come. But, the main Culprit OSAMA BIN LADEN will remain fugitive and free to strike at some other
object with the help of Pakistani government.

Taliban will not be dislodged or attacked as per the desire of Pakistan.Pakistan will have accrued all
the benifits from US and its Allies.Mushsharraf will be praised by President Bush for braving the risk
of standing agaist terrorism.

You decide who is the winner and who is the loser.
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Old September 27th, 2001, 12:59 PM
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arun, read this

US always wanted the arrest of OBL and so there is no change in the stand on his arrest. Yes, USA is still favoring installation of a non-taliban governement in Afghanistan.

USA is currently working on geting the diplomacy on track before they attack Afghanistan. They have been able to get Saudi and UAE to close their embassies in Afghanistan and lately even Russia's support in using one of these border countries (Turkmenistan or whatever) to attack Afghanistan.

It is not as important to rush an make attack but what is more important to have a diplomatic support especially when the war is against an Islamic country in the highly Islamic region. Iran was the first to walk out on US calling them an ally of Israel - the common foe.

So, just wait and watch. I am myself not in favor of a full scale war as it may polarize the Islamic nations against the US (christian and jews) as called for by OBL. The US government is rightly focusing on economy. Revenge can wait. Hope you understand.
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