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Old August 31st, 2017, 06:13 AM
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Re: Top 10 Most beautiful cities in the world!

RE : Dus Numbari, Post No. 10

I don’t know now, how the management here, Sarva and/or Sutra-dhaar handles and takes a look at this ! ( hit n’ run…. with filthy-rich curses, every time the personal, direct and up-front insult with filthy-rich swearing, cursing……etc, by picking on any random non-core one ) and walking away white-collar clean, by raping someone, in the mid-day mid-noon , w/ a day light brutal murder ! Is it so, that anyone can run over any random pick, like that Akbara’s meena-bazaar, and it’s quite ok,..n’ can also be all-ways saved ‘Coz he/she is financing the forum, being a part of main-core ? Last time, he did the same with Jaggudada, and he also in fact, gave him back in a filthy-wealthy ear-ful of return, ( as, he was also a Mahrastrian of da same blood-nature and baap of many that 50K members, I have witnessed, be scared of him ) and obviously Sarva Shaktiman banned Jaggudada for 1 year, saving the main-core financing scoundrels. I mean, I can handle such magatars’ in no time, and can let him taste of his own medicine, but will it be worth to get banned ( of course, myself ) every time ? Last time I had also seen on a guy ‘Bobus’ ( he was not my friend in fact, had recommended him as a highly prestigious person by others thousands ) and later heard on him, all bully and buried, thro'-out ! The least they know few guys are at that tremendous post, position I life that yrs and mine success would even look like a peanut !

For example this guy, who is even govt himself and makes NRI and FEMA rules for govt, and there are 10s of I have witnessed and they are even higher than such, Bobus was one of them,.. that such level of MANY even believed him,.. Few desis I have seen, met and witnessed on desi forums, who are physicists, scientists, comes on TV debate couple of times, have their own mini hospitals at row age, and even Modi was witnessed for long to follow their social pages,.., I have seen and knew many many such,…. !

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There are many such members / far-friends guys have witnessed on forums,.. and b-t-w , Bobus was even higher, in whom many such fellows even believed,..FYKI.

The question comes, what this guy thinks of himself, for let say a peanut amount of success ( which I sincerely doubt ) he may have somewhere, and now thinks that he can run over on anyone,…as he is a top successful financier to V-Bulletin, and no1 gonna hurt him,.. !! Akbara’s Min-bazar on any random choice pick ? Man ,.. wake up and smell coffee , you are deadly mistaken,… you are not even a not, not shunya on any success ad progress,….. and even in vulgarity we have handled, managed and ruled ( ask Dova if he is here ) seven 10 times more vulgar, so easily at certain places !

Sutra-Sarva-Swami,…….. kindly handle this guy, or I have my own ways, as usual…… We will never be Bullied nor Buried,. !

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