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Old March 17th, 2018, 10:43 AM
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Re: Ashdoc's hindi movie reviews

Room the mystery ( 2014 )

This is a small budget horror film with small time actors whom I had never heard of . But colours and photography is good and location is decent . No songs are there but background music is okay . Acting by everyone is okay too .

Kunal ( Atif Jamil ) is the son of a rich politician . He forces his friends including two hot females to come to his dad's posh resort like house outside the city for partying . They agree only reluctantly , but once there they are happy to see such a posh house and start to drink and have fun . The two females are in sexy exposing clothes and their dance arouses the two watchmen who have access to CCTV footage in the guard house ; they talk about how money can buy the attention of hot babes that people in their lowly position can only dream of . One couple soon starts to do hot smooching with the male on top of the female , giving us the hots .

Meanwhile nearby the house a police officer has been called to the site of a hit and run accident , and remembers his own wife killed in such an accident . At the same time a woman comes to the house where the party is going on claiming that her car engine has failed and asking for refuge for the night . She joins the partying people in their room .

However strange things have been already happening in the party . The lights had gone out and one of the girls was being smooched in the darkness . But as the lights came on , she realised that both boys were away from her . So who smooched her in the darkness ?? The ghost has made it's first entry , that too in style . Soon the lights go out again and one guy gets slapped in the darkness . When lights come on everyone is far away from him . So who slapped him ?....the evil spirit has made it's second impact .

But soon the happenings become more sinister and every time the lights go out something bad happens . When they come on , everyone starts blaming the sinister happenings on Kunal . Soon people start getting murdered when the lights go out and when they come on the body is lying on the floor . The desperate group tries to escape from the room but the doors are all locked . So what is the mystery of the room ?

Meanwhile the watchman is seeing the happenings on CCTV and also sees the image of a ghost on his screen . Panicking , he calls the police officer . The police officer and his assistant try to open the door of the mysterious room from outside but to no avail . The watchman is convinced that the evil spirit is going to kill all inside the room and the policemen later have to agree with this .

Finally the spirit manifests itself when all but Kunal have been killed . It is the woman who took refuge for the night . She was killed by Kunal and his friends in a drunken hit and run accident years ago and has returned to take revenge . But Kunal confesses his crime to the police officer on phone and she spares him .

But when the accident is shown in flashback there were only the guys in the car which collided killing the woman . Then why did she kill the two girls ? The director did not feel need to clear that one out....

Verdict---Just about okay .

Two stars out of five .

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