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Indian Politics Our national time-pass!

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Old August 27th, 2000, 01:29 PM
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Some eight weeks ago, the Yanks celebrated their Independence day. A little later we Indians celebrated our 54th Independence Day on 15th August. However, there is a very big difference between these two nations.

Yanks fought a bloody war to achieve their independence.

Indians got it (we are made to believe) by peaceful Satyagraha led by the Father Of Nation. We are also made to believe that the heroics of all other freedom fighters was not even a flash in the pan and had no effect on
British rulers and therefore worthless.

The Yanks have culture dating back only few hundred years ago. Indians just bask in the glory of a culture dating back thousands of years.

The Yanks are, therefore, not saddled by the feeling that they have to lead the world by morals.They clearly believe that they should do it on the strength of Military and Economic power. Indians do not want to get that cultural monkey off their back and therefore, they consider the Yankee means as materialistic.

The Yanks never tire of talking of the American Dream, which has drawn millions of people from around the world to their shores. Yanks celebrated their independence day by holding aloft noisily once again the ideals of
that dream --Freedom, Justice and Equal Opportunity.

Indians celebrated their 15th August by PM's speech from the ramparts of Red Fort. He was some 100 feet above the ground level and few hundred meters away from the first row of chairs.For about a week, Red Fort and area several kilometers from it, was closed for anybody and the sniffer
dogs were doing their duty. He spoke to the nation from a completely fortified and bulletproof pedestal and was surroundeed by gun toting black cat commandos in plenty.He did not speak of India's dream, he spoke on invasion of outsiders and how he wants to go ahead with peaceful negotiations with terrorist who have killed thousands of innocents. He was ready to negotiate with the BLOOD
HOUNDS. He did not bother if this ceasefire was a booby trap for India or not.

USA can talk about srories of RAGS TO RICHES in plenty. Mostly true only a few of them apocryphal. This proves that Yanks have created a country of equal opportunity.
Indians have few, to be counted on one hands five fingers, stories of RAGS TO RICHES.Rest are all rags to riches by ILL GOTTEN means.

Yanks don't live on slogans. Indians live ONLY on slogans like "Garibi Hatao".

This was the slogan given by Indira Gandhi and ruled the country. The result is 300 million Indians are still unable to read and write and go go to sleep on hungry stomach everyday.

Yanks ask "what can I do for the nation and not what Nation should do for him. Indian constitution provides "RIGHT TO WORK" "RIGHT TO RESERVATIONS IN ALL SPHERES OF ACTIVITIES irrespective of the merit. Indians even have RIGHT TO
Indians therefore believe in what nation can do for me and not what I should do for the nation.

In my opinion one more right is required to be included in our constitution RIGHT TO DARE TO DREAM FOR FREEDOM FROM CORRUPTION, OPPORTUNITY BASED ON MERIT.
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