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Old August 3rd, 2000, 08:30 AM
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Thumbs down

Dear All,
The Star TV's Star News section hold a programme "Big Fight" every saturday at 2000 hrs. Last saturday,the subject was "Should Bal Thackeray be punished". The fight is conducted by one Rajdeep Sardesai.He was Times of
India's special correspondent and always wrote blistering articles almost always against hindus.Now he is a main stay of Star news section and has very powerful media in his hands.I respond to his bigfight programme each
time I watch it.This time he had invited Sanjay Nirupam(Shivsena), Praful Patel(Nationalist Congress) and Ms.Teesta Setelwad(NGO).Out side the ring were Rajdeep Sardesai(Compere), Editor of Sakal and Mr.Bhatia of Indian

I wrote a letter to sardesai and I am sending you the copy.


It was expected and you did fulfill the expectations by calling a big fight on a issue which is so contentious that we,common public, would like to forget it as worst nightmare in the history of Mumbai(not BOMBAY as you
like to call it.I know it comes from your thinking that you are a special indian from Goa.You still have alligience to Portugal and not to "DESI"s like us).But you and the journalist,however, love to keep the atmosphere in
Mumbai simmering hot so that Mumbai suffers yet another serial bomb blasts and Mumbai is permanently lamed.

Keeping this in mind you specifically called an AMAZONIAN Teesta Setelwad in the ring.Her expletives were so diabolical that you have succeeded in
ensuring future riots in Mumbai.This self proclaimed saviour of minorities defended the traitors of my country, who blasted Mumbai,made several hundred innocent Mumbaikars to simply vanish in thin air and thereafter "STARTED" the riots.She has no ethical conduct and made your ring bloodier
by her unfounded devastating expressions.She was a zombie personified. She spewd percoct amalgan of venom and hatred on Shivsena.

By the way,who gave you the right and who gave her the right to call each and every Shivsena follower or a sympathiser, a criminal and goonda in a peremptory debate? I will definitely write to Mr.Bhujbal to act in accordance with Section 153(A) against you and Ms.Setelwad for your and her unlimited diatribe against a particular community viz. Maharashtrians in general and Shivsena followers in particular.With this, you are responsible for fanning hatred towards one section of society in the minds of my

Ms.Setalwad wants to forget that in Mumbai riots the first hundreds to get killed were hindus.Only when the poor Mathadi workers were killed in broad day light in Dongri,poor Bane family residing in Radhabai chawl at
Jogeshwari were locked up in their room and burnt alive. The roistering mob scoured the streets of Mumbai and killed the people who had hindu names.When the news of killings of several hindus at the hands of Muslims was spreading all over Mumbai, did Mr.Thackeray write editorial in Saamana
to his followers to either open the THIRD EYE or sit at home wearing bangles. Is "SELF DEFENCE A CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY"? In Setalwads and your opinion "it is, if you are a hindu".

Who enacted the drama lasting 10 to 12 days before Thackeray submitted before the court and kept all Mumbaikars under fear psychosis? Who wrote columns and columns of articles on a "city in the grips of fear"? Who added fuel to the fire by naked display of Rapid Action policemen on all corners of Mumbai.For this sordid episode in the life of Mumbai, only you-venal Journalists, the Television Channels and the Government headed by Praful
Patel's party are responsible.You are required to sit up and make introspection.If any morality is left in you, you would realise that your behavior was as irresponsible and therefore punishable. Is this too much of an expectation?
Has the present Government of Maharashtra no other business than digging a dead issue? Is this Government worried atall that the Maharashtra State is losing its number one postion? You should read article written by Ms.Namita
Devidayal on front page of 30th July's "The Sunday Times". She has clearly written that "Business scarcely appears to be up there on the State's "TO DO" list.The comment of a foreign investor,in the same article, should be an eye opener for any "normal" man.You should read another article,written by Chopra,Karkhanis and D'Mello, in Times Of India's 31st July edition. This articles quotes several CEOs of Indian and Multinational Industries.They
all have clearly stated that "Tension created in 10-12 days had serious negative impact on Industry and repetition of such episodes will drastically affect flow of investment to Mumbai and Maharashtra.But you, your cohorts from fourth estate and the present Government of Maharashtra
has no interst of the nation at heart, leave alone that of Maharashtra. Has this Govt. stopped the day light murders and extorsions in the premier city for which you were blaming SS-BJP Govt? Mumbai is degenerating into one
big slum with the illegal influx of people from enemy countries? This government is purblinded by personal vendetta and Journalists of your kind are adding fuel to it.All of you have one point programme- "Demolish
Maharashtra".This is dangerous to my country's existance as a nation. That is why I felt like dipping my pen in gall and write to you. You have taken lead in continuing the churning of dead issue/s as a result, the scum continues to float,Mummbai and Maharashtra is kept in turbulance,
so that you make the most by fake investigative journalism.
If you are a investigative journalist then please dig out the issues of"India Today" from that period and you will see the article published in it based on the Maharashtra Governments report. This report squarely blames Muslims for starting this riot.Mr.Sudhakar Naik paid a price for this report and was thrown out of CM's chair.Why was this done?

The congress party has always kept her muslim Vote Bank as number one priority and that is why Naik lost the seat. Who got it? Mr.Sharad Pawar. Why? It was a good riddance for Narasinha Rao.And in any case,he was poking his nose in State Affairs on daily basis any way.The FIR was lodged against Thackeray during his time as CM.The political acumen in him allowed the FIR to gather dust. He has, however, made one serious mistake in his life during this time.He recruited a mercinery in his Darbar."Mr.Chagan Bhujbal".He is like Bhindrawale of Maharashtra.He is created by Mr.Pawar and he will be the possible root cause of Mr.Pawar's downfall.

Ms.Setalwad at one point of time said that she is a proud hindu.How long will she remain a hindu, is a moot question. Like Kamala Das, when Teesta Setalwad has enjoyed all the liberty and freedom provided by Hindu Society,
and nothing more remains to be enjoyed,will,for sure, embrace Islam and start kicking Hindus , Hindu deities and Hindu Society.This day may not be far.

I am not a follower of Shivsena but I do not have an axe to grind with Shivsena either. However,I do understand what is now going on. This is pure and simple skulduggery. Chagan Bhujbal wants to square off with Thackeray by arresting him again and again and again, obviously with your support.

At what cost? This question was asked by a level headed Mr.Bhatia sitting by the side of the ring, like it is asked by the learned Magistrate ,who dismissed the case against Bal Thackeray. Mr.Bhatia observed "this must be the first time in the history of any share market around the world, when brokers shut off their computers and went
home". The nincumpoop government takes pride in it and you show abominable face of the perpitrator of this sorry state,Chagan Bhujbal, repeatedly on TV and allow him to exhort that he will arrest Thackeray again and again
and again.This exposes your game plan- "Demolish this country" by creating panic in the minds of foreign investors.

I was once told that Mumbai is like a prostitute. All come here to satisfy their bestial desires and "MAKE" money. You and your cohort Setelwad have proved it. You want to continue to enjoy and satisfy your "larger than the
life size" ego. Ofcourse, at the cost of a common Mumbaikar who is a mere hapless pawn on your political chess board.What a way to stay in limelight in the garb of journalism and MAKE money.

This Ms.Setalwad wants to know if Mr.Thackeray has a belief in Judiciary. A question which was answered by Thackarey before the press but repeatedly asked to Mr.Nirupam in the ring. She along with you,your cohort editor of Sharad Pawar's paper"daily Sakal", all crowding against Mr.Nirupam, have shown a clear disdain for the Learned Court for releasing Mr.Thackeray and dismissing the case.You have faith in judiciary only as long as the verdict
is given is in your favour.You make cowardly attacks on Judiciary when the verdict goes against you. A very strange position, but, who expects anyway a sensible behaviour from you?

This loud mouth Ms.setelwad refers to Taxi and Rikshaw drivers and forwards their(?) opinion to us. Take the census of Mumbai's taxi and Rikshaw drivers. More than 70% are UP and Bihar migrants.They do not know the geography of Mumbai,leave aside the knowledge of roads in Mumbai, they
don't even know that they have to observe traffic rules. And yet, they all get the driving licence.Gone are the days when one could sit in a Taxi driven by a Sardarji who could be trusted. These new recruits have completely spoilt Mumbai's disciplined traffic.But, all of them come to
make money and send some of it back home.They don't have time to do dirty politics like you. Yet she ventures to forward their opinion and browbeat Mumbaikars.

This Ms.Setelwad talks total contradictions.She talks of great principles of democracy and law.She also said in her shrill voice that Mumbaikars are not followers of Shivsena and are not their sympathisers. But when Nirupam threw the number of seats won by Shivsena in Assembly and Loksabha
elections at her face, she "squeals" saying that the margin was thin. This clearly shows that LOGIC is anathema for her. She plays the game "Heads I win Tail you loose". This once again proves that mere formal education does not make a person intelligent and civil. She assumed overpowering character through out the bout.In talking out of turn,putting aweful faces while the others are arguing,in not allowing the opposition party to talk, she beats all previous records. She must have grown up in barren non hindu ethos.Otherwise, she would not have grossly
misbehaved and called bad words to fully match with her male compatriat in Praful Desai.You have failed, rather intensionally allowed, unparliamentary behaviour of both Setelwad and Patel.But then that is the purpose of your
"Big Fight".

I don't like to comment on Praful Desai.This man is known by the company he keeps.Less said about such politicians is better.He could not answer the question on Sharad Pawar's behaviour during the entire period. This itself speaks volumes.

You talked about the misbehaviour of Shivsena Legislators in Maharashtra Assembly.Yes, it is bad. But what kind of behaviour did you and your cohorts put up in this bout? Almost every time Nirupam opened his mouth to defend, you crowded him with multidirectional shouting. I don't expect any other behaviour from venal journalist and TV personalities and politicians. You are all chip of the same block.

Jai Hind for that.

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Old August 3rd, 2000, 04:17 PM
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Unhappy How sad that some idiots call thmeselves journalists

It is sad that some idiots call themselves members of the Fourth Estate.

When I was in India, I had seen many newspaper columnists and journalists who would go to any lengths to criticise Shiv Sena. I am not a supporter nor a fan of Shiv Sena. But, come to think of it - if a choice had to be made between the devils, I would rather choose a well known devil. Shiv Sena is in now way like the Ranvir Senas and the Laloo Yadav's of Bihar. Shiv Sena is radical - agreed, but they never started any riots during the Mandir Masjid issue. I was witness to some of those riots. When people started running with fear as the rioting spread, Shiv Sena did not step in right away. When the police and state government did nothing - only then did Shiv Sena step in for self defense and preservation of Hindus' rights.

I do not like to get into religion based politics, but I agree with Tsunami that some self proclaimed journalists of the print and electronic medium only rile up the emotions of common people and add fuel to the fire.

When the country needs economic progress all that our corrupt politicians and such idiotic journalists can think and talk of is - secularism!

What secularism? This word has become such a pain in the butt. No, not the concept of secularism but the way it is used by such bums who care nothing about what India needs right now - Economic progress.

Oh, you should have seen Mr. Sunil Dutt and Ms. Shaban Azmi cry out publicly at how the poor Muslims were being killed and destroyed. Just like Muslims, many Hindus died too in the riots. At that point, did any of these famous personalities and idiotic journalists offer a single Muslim family a shelter in their own homes? I dont think so!

I am sure that in time even the minorities will realise and suffer due to the policies adopted by our politicians and further sermonised by such idiots of the media.

When it comes to progress, all that the media and the dumb-ass politicians talk of is how Indian professionals are the best in the world in Information Technology. They just want to take credit for nothing that they have done. Why do you think that Indians in the IT field are doing great abroad? Because, it is these very idiots who have pillaged India and made it difficlut for simple Indians to thrive and prosper in India. So a whole young generation of professionals has left Indian shores to seek their future overseas. Whose loss is it? It definitely is a gain of countries like USA, UK and others where Indian IT professionals work.

Has the government done anything about the extortions that are so rampant in Mumbai? Has the press demanded action from the government - other than just reporting such incidents?

Today, in the name of sensational journalism, many idiots create a story out of nothing! Has the media used its clout to pressurise the government to extradite and arrest the several criminals living abroad who still run the Mumbai underworld? No... No.. This is not sensational... this does not rile up public sentiments... so how can this be done...Shame on the press and media who, instead of putting the government in a tight spot over many major issues, is interested in riling up sentiments over nothing!

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-Loud and Proud Desi Opinions
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