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Old November 19th, 2000, 04:14 PM
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This is about the TV program "Big Fight" (a debate and discussion program) which airs on Star TV and is hosted by Rajdeep Sardesai. This is my open letter to the host Rajdeep Sardesai!

Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai,

Last two saturdays, I saw your program "Big Fight" but I did not respond. One was on smaller states and other on shariat law. In the first one you had made a mistake of calling Raghuvansh Prasad who kept talking things absolutely irrelevant and made Vasant Sathe, who claims he has gift of
gab, keep quiet throughout the bout. It is good that the other person has been retired from Army. I liked one statement and my views coinside with Raghuvansh Prasad on one issue viz. Big does not mean unwieldy. At this
rate we should have many Prime Ministers.

In the next weeks bout you invited Banatwalla who is a ditto copy of Raghuvansh Prasad and occupied most of the time with utterly foolish arguments. I was wondering why you had called the Muslim Ex Minister from BJP. You have still not corrected your view that all that is perpitrated on
this country is due to BJP. I know, no one can change your values since you have passed your formative age since long and we will have to endure you week after week pouring venom on BJP, irrespective of whether that party is even remotely responsible or not.

To my surprise, this week you had not only selected a good subject but also good fighters in the ring.A very very rare phenominun.

Ms.Balse desereves full marks for presenting a vivid picture of corruption in police and how the predetermined portion of the HAFTA collected by the constable reaches to the Commissioner level. She spoke the truth and nothing but the truth.Anybody who says anything else is a down right liar.If you leave aside her exotic views on human rights, she represented the VOX POPULI.

Ms.Kiran Bedi. My role model in police force. Even she was quietened by Ms.Balse's grafical discription of corruption in police force. From this, it is obvious that she indirectly agreed with Ms.Balse. She has some prescription for improvement in police force. She is very correct in saying that fish starts stinking from head downwards.

Therefore, provide clean leadership. But she definitely understands that how often and how long you may churn the septic tank, it will still remain the scum and really the big chunk will rise to the top.

She also probably knows that in police force the work seeks the lowest hierarchial level and that is why the results are so dissatisfying.

When one looks at Mr.Padmanabhaiyya,the former Home Secretary at the centre, one realises that"In a hierarchial set up HIGHER THE LEVEL GREATER IS THE CONFUSION.
He himself said that a semi literate citizen, based on his caste and creed,gets into the police force at the age of 27 or at 32 if he is from SC or ST. He also knows that under the circumstances Police authorities are forced to assign jobs to those who are least able to do it. He talked and others also talked about some report on the need to
improve police force.However, the IAS and IPS officers know and believe jolly well that if you spend sufficient time in confirming the needs, the needs will disappear. How else do you think the report has been destined to gather dust and no reforms have taken place.

Most probably Mr.Padmanabhaiyya has attended some course on Human Resource and therefore repeatedly used phrases like "YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE ATTITUDE" and you need "THINKING POLICEMEN" etc. Mr.Padmanabhaiyya should know that attitude of a man never changes once he grows beyond the formative age. Any attempt on his part to change a policeman is futile. He should better utilise resources for some other
useful purpose. This is a typical and popular argument of any HR person. His second phrase is very dangerous.He must know that ARMED FORCES and POLICE FORCE are regimental organisations.If you allow cops to think and take their own decisions, no matter what the orders are, my god, I can
not imagine the chaotic situation that will prevail in this country.

He must please remember that thinking should be left to those who are recruited for that purpose.His subordinates are or must follow the direction given to him once the decision is taken. Ms.Bedi has used a industrial term "Participative Style of Management". Yes, this true only to some extent.When you are collectively discussing a problem, then yes, put forward your views and ideas. But once the
decision is taken, then the orders are to be simply followed. The shoddy product from our industries is a direct result of such thinking persons in a team who try their own methods, take short cuts to the laid down procedure which are nothing but orders from the management. The nexus between Politicians-Criminals and Police Force is a open
secret. Ms.Balse gave several examples and neither Mr.Padmanabhaiyya nor Ms.Bedi could refute them.
Our over-glorified Mumbai Police Commissioner is an example which proves the adage "AN OUNCE OF IMAGE IS WORTH A TON OF PERFORMANCE".

Your STAR TV has contributed a lot to this.

Those who can - do.
Those who can not - teach.
Those who can not teach - Administer.
Those who can not administer- Join As Police Officer.

My due apologies to Ms.Bedi, she is a perfect exception to this.

In the wonderland of Police Force:
Those who understand- can not manage
Those who manage- do not understand.

That is why unquestionable politicians like Mr.Chaggan Bhujbal thrive by transferring, posting, offering foreign trips to his police force. Part of this is proved by sending several police teams for several weeks to Bangkok to get Chhota Rajan to India.

Jai Hind Phor that
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