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Old September 3rd, 2000, 10:08 AM
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Dr. Naralikar's worries about India's burgeoning population is shared
by all right thinking Indians, but, for some strange reason, nobody
seems to bother about the root cause of the Govt's. failure in
tackling this issue effectively.
You see, the most important reason for this all round failure is
our Constitution!
Here's how:
Pandit Nehru had this unique knack of saying all the right
things and doing all the wrong things!
He once said "The way to hell is paved with good intentions";
and then, in attempting to set in motion, an endeavour that would help
India evolve into a modern, egalitarian society, he solicited the help
of people like the redoubtable Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, to prepare a
Constitution that blatently and brazenly differentiates amongst fellow
Indians on the basis of region, religion, caste, language, customs,
profession/occupation etc. etc.---with seperate sets of rights,
privileges,concessions, sops, laws, rules and regulations.
All this was explained and justified under the principle of
"Social justice". To achieve this goal, qualifying standards were
merrily lowered, "new" posts were created to fulfill the ubiquitious
"backlog", and, in general, the scope for arbitration in appointment to
all these newly created jobs was greatly (in fact, phenominally)
increased. As a result, our Constitution has ended up supporting, in
fact imposing, the very evil our "founding fathers" embarked upon
eradicating: Goodies based on the accident of birth! This is bad, but
the greater tragedy is that our Constitution has ascertained "Quotas"
based on the "eligible?!!" communities' percentage presence in the
The results are apparent to the discerning: Castes and
Communities jealously "guard" their alloted quotas(like hyenas guarding
their territories), and foist on the population (the "others"),
"Leaders"(people from their communities and castes), who will ensure
that their "rights and privileges" remain unscathed. For these leaders,
the spinoffs are phenomenal!!! All that these leaders ask in return
from their "followers", is NUMBERS---the greater their numbers, the
"stronger" is their voice and ability to influence decisions,
especially at the "national" level.
As such, these types of leaders will balk at any
programmes(like family planning) that may "dilute" their strength! In
Thats why you had Lalu Prasad Yadav roaming the streets of Bihar with
soap and oil and combs and towels to teach his "supporters" hygiene
when, what he actually ought to have distributed were Nirodhs and
The cold fact is that there are millions of others like him
whereas there are very very few like Dr. Naralikar!
So, respected Dr., please dont get agitated over something as
trivial as this country going to the dogs because of our exploding
population. Relax. Always remember that with such "leaders" and their
"supporters", nobody, not even God Almighty can do much for us. Stop
thinking so hard. You are hopelessly out numbered, and so, count for
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