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Indian Politics Our national time-pass!

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Old July 27th, 2000, 02:24 PM
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the indian political scenario is deteriorating and going from bad to worse with each passing day.

no body seems to be coming to the rescue,and why shud some one be willing as if one does their spring up millions for his leg pulling .so whats the solution to this .how can this be rectified.

only two rectificatiuons come to my mind :-)

1>we would have been better off if we were still under the britishers atleast we wud have been systematic and uptodate .so what if we had to be slaves.


this is what i learnt was rather taughtin my junior school days but nevr understood it seem to be realising it

british rule good or bad is all together a diferent question but every coin has two phases and the good phase of the british rule was that they gave us a solid foundation for each and everything .beit educational institutes or other institutes the system laid down by them has no comparison s at all.

2>the other option is that ok if we are not prepared to be slaves again why not get a leader for ourself like SANJAY GANDHEE son of the late prime minister indira gandhee.

i guess if even india had sanjay gandhi as it's head the scenario had been quite diferent .

what say u all.does any one has a better suggestion TO HEAL OUR NATION


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Old July 27th, 2000, 05:05 PM
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Thumbs up No, its better that we are free

I disagree that British rule would be better. Agreed that the British introduced a system of governance and created a infrastructure like various deparetments in government.

But wishing that the British rule is is stupid! Are we not supposed to mature oursleves and lear to govern ourselves?

Sadly, the leaders of today are real rascals with theri own interest at heart. Anything goes has become the national policy!

Sanjay Gandhi wsa a dynamic leader but he tried to usher in change too fast. We need change but any change which si very fast and drastic will only cause more pain.

We cannot root out corruption in one day! What India needs is economic progress. Only when there is generation of wealth will people realise that striving for economic betterment is the best interest for the nation and themselves rather than fighting over issues like caste, temples, masjids and separate states.

The problem is that our policies right from teh start of independence were based on quota and license system. This weakened our economy and we are still suffering. It is commendable that since the last few years the government has realised that we cannot remain in a closed shell economically. The liberalisation policies and opening up of more avenues for international investment has started showing positive effects. Look at what we are today in 50 years and what our neighbour to the North East is. We have come up quite fast despite the fact that some of our leaders have been nothing but idiots.

Yes, change is necessary and it is a ongiong requirement, but it cannot be achieved unless there is a public awareness and more importantly - public participation.
We are content at pointing fingers at our leaders. But who elected them?? We!

Definitely, having a dynamic leader like Sanjay Gandhi would help...but the much needed bitter medicine has to come in small doses.. else the patient will die due to a overdose of medicine.

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Old July 29th, 2000, 02:28 AM
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mahacharcha : Have you lost your MARBLES ??

Have you lost your MARBLES ?? SANJAY GANDHI ????!!!!
of all the buffoons we've had over the past 50 odd years you only found one dynamic leader .. and that too was that irresponsible SONOFABITCH!! ( yeah BITCH !! , and I mean INDIRA GANDHI )
He was never a leader , he was just a spoiled little brat , who was having his day , just coz his mom was PM of India !!I'm sure laloo Prasad yaadav , would make a better leader than Sanjay gandhi !! It was for the good of India that he died in an aircrash .!I'm sure many people who suffered under Emergency because of him , would have said " GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH "

You know what the problem with Indians is .. they are a lazy bunch ..
Agreed that the brits ushered in a lot of Change for us , they built our roads for us , and the rialwyas and gave us a good infrastructure of start off on .. instead , what happened ,, nothing much unfortunately ..
we were so dependedn on MAMA ( Btits ) feeding us , that when they finally left us , we were left pretty orphaned .. We're still reeling under the british hangover .. calling all Goras as Sahebs and Memsahebs .. why ???
Get a life everybody ..

why do u want to bring back A$$holes ( sanjay Gandhi) from the dead to govern our country .. we dont need creeps like him , who go around castrating men on the streets just because the population explosion was a burning issue . tell me in which civilised country does this kind of things happen ??
"It Happens only in India " Buddy , cos People dont have the Balls to stand up for themselves .. they just suffer !!why I GUess it is because we are SLAVES IN HEAVEN !!

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