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Indian Politics Our national time-pass!

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Old August 31st, 2000, 01:15 AM
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The Jaziya that Hindus yet pay

Varsha Bhosle has been one of my favorite columnists .Varsha writes for . Check out her commentaries .
This article which I came across the other day , was pretty thought provoking .. regarding HAJ subsidies for Muslims in India ,,

take a look at these facts
From 1994 to 1999, the Haj subsidies have cost the Indian taxpayer Rs 463 crore, the increase in the subsidized amount being 500%. Last year, Orissa received less as rehabilitation money after the cyclone killed over 30,000 people. The Haj operations have also burnt holes in Air-India's kitty -- between 1993 and 1997, the airline lost Rs 67 crore.
The funny thing is that Pakistan , which is a Muslim country does not give subsidies to its citizens to go for HAJ . Its high time that the Indian govt stopped appeasing the minorities.
As it is , everybody is suffering because of the Reservation system .
How come Christians dont get Subsidies to vist the Vatican , and Velankanni . Hindus , dont get Subsidies to visit Sabarimala , Thirupathi , vaishno devi .. ???

Personally I am against subsidies , unless they are for agriculture .. These days subsidies have become more of a vote issue than anything else ..

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Old August 31st, 2000, 12:01 PM
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Unhappy Indian politicians have always been appeasers because...

Indian politicians have always been appeasers because they never could do anything good for the people.

Basically, all that the majority of Indian leaders have been doing is this :
- Dont do any good for the benfit of the people
- Fill own coffers with bribe and kickback money
- Throw a few sops on the faces of all people
- Use religious sentiments to create vote-banks in every minority and sect.

In our nation we have always had the attitude that, show a lot of sympathy for a particular minorty, fan their religious sentiments and create an instant vote-bank.

This is because no politician has the political guts and will to do any good. Indian Politics has become a profession for otherwise unqualified and useless folks. Many see it as a career for making huge amount of money and get away with anything.

I agree that the Haj subsisides are a burden on the national exchequer, but now since it has been started what can you do? I mean any logical and cost conscious person will say that stop the subsidies. But what about political scenario. I am sure that every politician is aware of the burden on the exchequer but none has the political guts to do anything about it. Why?

Imagine a scenario - BJP govt. removes these subsidies. Sonia's Congress and other parties will yell that this is a fascist Hindu policy to belittle and deprive the Muslim community.

Suppose Congress or other coalition is in power then BJP might not yell as they are supposed to be pro-Hindus. Then some others will yell, that why the BJP does not object?

I understand that every one should get the same benefits whether it is Haj going Muslims or Amarnath pilgrims, but sadly the people in power have already made so many partitions within the nation that the 1947 partition looks like a mere circus.

See all this may sound illogical, but basically that is what the Parliament is all about - make money for yourself (politicians) and screw the people of India!

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