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Indian Politics Our national time-pass!

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Old August 15th, 2000, 03:14 AM
Rusi Rusi is offline
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Today,in the morning,1st thing in the morning,I read in Times of India,12 people died in Sabarmati Express bomb explosion,though I wanted to read about the speech of our PM.

It is already 53rd independence day and for last 53years we have been fighting for nothing with pakistan or better read vice versa.
For a line to make shorter,we don't necessarily need to rub it,easier is to draw another line.Isn't there anybody in pakistan who could understand this?
pakistan is fighting with India for what?I fail to understand?yes,we did help Bangladesh in its formation,but there were more humanitarian reasons than only political one.Even if Kashmir gets independence,will the itching in pakistan's arse stop?
Look at the progress we have done in 53years.Economically and politically both India and its views are reckoned everywhere in the world.Every country is trying to be friendly with us.We are working on the basis of cooperation,even though we have numerous problems.Today,we are proud of of our being Indians,not only because we are Indians but because of our achievements as well.
Can someone explain me why this?pakistan was/is on the verse of bankcurpsy,overall progress,be it economic,educational,etc is in negative.So why are they acting like a sane?
Why,don't they understand that it is an endless war and they now don't have anything left to loose other than islamabad and Karachi.
What are the reasons?I understand that for power against India policy is very helpful for any leader in pakistan,but does that mean for all the 5years when you are in power you try to work only against india.
I have been to Karachi once and happened to watch there 9PM
news.You won't believe,but for all the 30/45 mins that it was broadcastedthe 1st 20/22 mins it was shown that how they are giving us restless nights and not only that what were the achievements of terrorists in Assam and Manipur.
Can you believe it?
pls.give me atleast one genuine reason for there misdeeds.
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Old August 17th, 2000, 11:44 AM
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The problem is...

The problem is that our founding fathers screwed up with the Kashmir issue. Had they not made any agreements to treat Kashmir a special entity abck then, we would not have had any problems today.

Even now, we have a chance to improve on this. But not one leader has the political will nor the political guts to do this.
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Old August 17th, 2000, 12:51 PM
talash talash is offline
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Talking reason :)

bhaiya mere rusi,

agar wo log reason pe based hokar reasonable kaam karte to ye jhamela hi nahi rehta nah.

ab wo apni khud hi samjhe. koi unki man ki samajh nahi sakta hai. why they *hate* india so much ! political reason ? religious reason ? whatever.. chuck it.

today we are on verge of becoming the IT powerhouse of the world, our economy is improving everyday, at least some people have started feeling for the country. let us think about our developments more than their crippled mind. but we must just do enough to reply to their wrongdoings strongly and hope they learn to behave.

they are almost bankrupt and when they will be auctioned, we will buy them happy !

Yeah. it really amaze me. These two countries has everything one can dream of.. mineral resources, food, grains, manpower, good natural resources, enough land, but still could not prosper that much as they must have because of this kashmir issue etc. See at Japan, who were destroyed completely in 1944, but has come up as the second biggest economical power today without having any natural resources in comparison of india and pakistan. they should learn a lesson or two from them !
saare jahan se accha hindustaan hamara !
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