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Indian Politics Our national time-pass!

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Old August 15th, 2000, 02:12 PM
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Dear All,

Salaam Walekum ! I am adopting the new norm to greet you. A new way of greeting each other to prove you are secular. After 53 years of independence, this country stands on the brink of disintegration. The Abdullah from J&K dares to ask for Total Autonomous Kashmir on the basis of 1953 situation, falling just short of independence.May be this is just the first step. The grandson of the architect of present melee'in Kashmir, is the trusted leutenant of Abdullah. He is Maharaja Hari Singh's grandson and Yuvraj Karansingh's son. The third generation of Harisingh and Shaikh Abdullah is at it again. HEIL Independent Kashmir.

In the South, Veerappan has established Tamil Liberation Army and has become self styled saviour of Tamilians. It is suspected that He has established connections with LTTE. He chopped off almost all Sandalwood trees in the Jungles of Madumalai and Bandipur. He has killed "N" number of Elephants to sell ivory. Do you think that it is possible to stay away from law for more than two decades after killing 135 human beings without the support of the local government?

In the east all the seven littoral states have supported
Abdullah in his demand for autonomy for Kashmir.As it is these states which are active in their own way to declare
independence. Naga Liberation Army, Mizo's, Manipuri's, Asaamese, Meghalayees,Arunachalis, Tripurians etc are all waiting for an opportune time to break away from India.

In the West, Punjabi Suba or Khalsa State, raises the head again and again.They get the support from their international brotherhood. This is discussed in US Senate.

In the heart of India, the PWG (Peoples War Group) is very much active. They cover parts of Maharashtra(Gadchiroli District), entire Chattisgadh area of Madhya Pradesh, parts of Andhra Pradesh and parts of Orissa. The so called Dandakaranya.

The rest of the nation is in the finely woven web of ISI. The ISI agents are in a position to strike in any part of India at their will.

For the present position, without any doubt, the long misrule of Congress is responsible. So we voted BJP to power. The effect is two great leaders of this party, a pair of "Dhoti", one big fat Dhoti and one tall lanky Dhoti, are blinking in all directions. They don't really know what to do. The lanky Dhoti in Home Ministry is on record that INDIA'S INTERNAL SECURITY is in peril.

Have we voted them to understand this? or have we voted
them to take effective steps to eradicate the menace and make INDIA, a well integrated and safe place to live in?

The entire political system is so corroded that nothing original is left behind. What we see today is only the thoroughly oxidized and rotten structure of India.

You may call me supreme pessimist but can any one disprove what
I have stated?

Jai Hind for that!
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Old August 16th, 2000, 12:55 PM
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Thumbs up That Was Some Post

Hey man welcome to echarcha.

Must say that that was the best post I have ever read here.

Seems as if some great editor from some great paper has just joined us.

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