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Old November 16th, 2000, 08:23 PM
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Talking Yes it was your merit...

1. Pandit ji ke suputra hain app
2. Pandit ji puja kara ke paisa laye aur suputra ko school bheja.
3. Pandit ji ke bla bla relation mein bla bla mantri hain to pandit ji ko government mein job tai hai (relation wali merit par )
4. Shcool mein master saheb pandit ji ke suputra ko special attention denge kyon ki pandit ji ke wo bla bla riste mein ate hain (riste wali merit)
5. Pandit jis ke peeta ji khob paisa chod kkar gaye, wo jagirdar the na, logo ko maar maar kar kaam karwaya tha, aur jaroorat pari to jaan se bhi maar diya ki koi awaaj na uthaye. Unka paisa logo ko maar peet kar wali merit se mila tha aur generation se transfer hota chala aa raha hai.

All merit led you to that school. Yes you have lot of merit. Yes it was your very own merit. You guys really have lot of merit. Poor Ambedkar he was having only merit his hardwork, how come he will be able to compete you having such huge number of merit.

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Old November 18th, 2000, 09:40 AM
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viking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond reputeviking has a reputation beyond repute
Talking Naked Hate

Looks like only Ambedkar had the merit amongst these backwards thats the reason why people like Real Deal
praise him so much maybe he was the Best amongst the worst.And finally mr real deal has started showing his real levelby pulling in other peoples fathers into
this discussion!.Ambedkar wanted to show some thing to the world by marrying a Brahmin girl?? you mean to say that brahmin girls were available there for backwards?if yes then why are you screaming so much about Brahmin girls not marrying Backwards like Ambedkar.Ramabai did not do Ambedkar a favour by marrying him..yes! but thats the way Brahmins are they are
progressive.You can never progress while we try and think of
computers you guys will keep thinking only of Eklavya..suits you fine keep doing that while we get to the top ..yes on our own merit!!

You do not have a valid point you just want to take revenge on the upper castes even if they try and help you out because you are a saddist.But if you think you can drive them out then you are living in a fools paradise!

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Old November 18th, 2000, 05:08 PM
The Real Deal The Real Deal is offline
Junior eCharchan
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 93
The Real Deal is on a distinguished road
Lightbulb IQ

Ambedkar was meant just for generalization, and how much hardship people have whom you think that they are not meritorious. Well I'm not questioning your IQ, anyway

Compare some of your brothers and sisters living and these peoples living then you will be able to understand how meritorious you are and you good that you think computer because you are intelligent Its also good for our nation of Great Nishad Vyas Ji, Great (Chandal) Valmiki Ji, Great Nishad Eklavya, Great Buddha and many more persona unwritten who fought in this discriminated Brahman Legacy.

No body hate you jut show you your right face of past, what your forefathers did. If we ask for excuse against any discrimination in this world then why not we can ask for this. How murdering of Hindu in Bangladesh and Pakistan is different than murdering and discriminating Hindu in its own society.

Again I praise all great people not just Ambedkar, Although I believe he was much greater in this modern world if considering his hardship and situation in which he studied and fought against discrimination. He was India's MLK. But due to limited leadership of these people and given the fact that all follower are poor, their recognition among other people gets less. As I told you earlier I'm no way comes under your so called Brahman made caste system among mass follower of Abedkar, but after understanding his point and atrocities in our society and discrimination I admire his work, But again I'm mentioning it not due to any superiority etc. but it shows that lot more other people out their who understand the reality. But again, ofcourse I'm not so called Brahman

Slowly I started to believe that with its discrimination legacy, Hindu religion is real BS like I believe about Muslim for their aggressive and fighting nature. And really you can not match these with calm and peaceful nature of Buddhist and progressive nature of Christian. Although sometime I expressed and also realized that its very hard for one to convenience to completely adopt other religion in his won life so not much people are going to change due to its discrimination but in long term it will effect Hindu religion a lot unless some organization are not taking measure for this discrimination as we have discussed in some thread on this forum.

Reform is not a bad idea in any society. Bajpayee thinks himself great he get pleased by admiration and he think that he is really KAVI, however his all KAVITA is just BS. He simply a follower of same legacy which can be seen at many development. Gautam Buddha, Ram Mohan Rai, Vidya Sagar like minded needed not Bajpyee from Brahaman socity to reform Caste System

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