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Old July 23rd, 2002, 11:52 AM
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I hope one day all our cities will be like this

It was a brainwave that brought results. The 'clean village' competition of the Maharashtra government was supposed to be just another scheme. Rural folk, however, embraced it with tremendous enthusiasm. Gone were the dumps of garbage and filthy toilets. Dirty roads became a thing of the past. Among the umpteen villages which applied the broom in real earnest, six have claimed the title of being the cleanest ones.

Read rest of the artilce on this link
Always for the Truth and Reality !!
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Old July 23rd, 2002, 12:02 PM
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This is really good

I remeber that one the modern day saints of Maharshtra was Sant Gadge Maharaj. He spread the message for cleaner surroundings and people did take him seriously.

Surat has seen the worst plague in modern times. Today Surat has turned a new leaf and its quite clean.

Way to go!!
-Loud and Proud Desi Opinions
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Old July 23rd, 2002, 12:06 PM
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Thumbs up


These are the kind of ingenious ideas that we need. I hope this stays. One step forward, not matter how small it is.
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Old July 23rd, 2002, 12:11 PM
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Unhappy Way to go

We need more people like that, but unfrotunately we have leader like Laloo [ who even keep 5 cow in his Govt. bangalow in Delhi], remember Devi lal days, when he was deputy PM, us saaley ne to Ashoka hotel (Delhi) me bhi Bhensey bhandwa di thi

Jub tuk in jaise gobar politics main kuch nahi honey wala
A man is soft when he's hard and hard when he's soft.
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Old July 23rd, 2002, 05:57 PM
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reality is on a distinguished road
One more !!

I got one more article about a city in Guwahati of people's determination of having clean , crime free city

Unbeknownst to the rest of us, tiny revolutions are happening everyday in the remote parts of India, which are usually ignored as not worthy of being featured in the news by our pompous Indian media. Especially the North Eastern states have been subjected to this unspoken boycott by many of our national newspapers. It is imperative that the media coverage extend to every corner of India, so that we can be well informed of the developments and achievements of every one of our countrymen. A particularly inspiring movement which has taken place in the Tarun Nagar Area of Guwahati, Assam can serve as the model for change in urban communities across the nation.

For years the conscientious and concerned citizens of this Guwahati locality had been urging the State Government and Municipal Corporation to develop and clean their living environment. But all the requests fell on deaf ears, as the corrupt and inefficient bureaucrats ignored their pleas, and cited lack of funds as the excuse. This purported reason was of course a complete fake, as all the citizens were well aware that the funds existed, but instead of being channeled for its intended usage, the money was being eaten by corrupt officials.

But this is where the residents of Tarun Nagar proved themselves to be different from the typical stereotype of the apathetic Indians who simply resigns himself/herself to their fate. Instead of throwing up their hands in despair, these gritty people took their situation as a challenge that had to be met. Armed with only their own sheer determination and initiative, the residents of Tarun Nagar decided to take on the task of developing their township as their own responsibility! The turning point which led to this change was their experience with the police in 1997. Around this time the Tarun Nagar neighborhood was being besieged by all kinds of anti social elements such as dacoits and pickpockets. When the frustrated community sought help from the police, they were rebuffed with the same excuse of lack of funding. At this the enraged community decided to form its own security committee for the protection of themselves and their loved ones. Every household in the Tarun Nagar area contributed Rs 50 per month and with this money they engaged six Home Guard personnel to guard the area at night. The guards who were happy at receiving such a steady income, did an excellent job and were motivated enough to apprehend a significant number of the criminals. Since then there was no looking back.

Over time the regular payments resulted in a surplus savings of Rs. 70,000, which amount the security committee decided to put to good use by planning the construction of a permanent stage which would be ideal for the community's cultural activities. The increased camaraderie led the residents to a process whereby they could discuss the problems which plagued them and come up with joint solutions. Soon their attention turned to the abysmal condition of the roads in their area. Again the local administration provided no relief and the community was forced to take the initiative. They formed road development committees with two young businessmen Biswanath Das and Biswajit Kar as convenors in order to develop the area on their own without depending on the government. The committees have already spent about Rs five lakh in development works including development of the bylanes, construction of four culverts to reduce the water-logging problem, improvement of the drains and improvement of the dyke of the river Bharalu. All the residents contributed whatever they could towards this effort, with the result that today, the Tarun Nagar area has the best road and bylane network in the area.

Finally the residents also turned their attention to the piles of garbage which were left stinking by the municipal corporation. The development committee which by now was greatly encouraged by its earlier successes, eagerly took up the job of organizing the garbage collection. Two locals were hired for the purpose. These two workers go to every house in the morning and blow their whistles. At the sound of the whistle, it is the responsibility of each household to give out their garbage wrapped neatly in plastic bags. The collective garbage is then taken to a dump to be sorted as recyclable or biodegradable. This minimizes the total waste by a huge margin. The transformation is obvious to anyone who walks into Tarun Nagar. Their entire community is spotlessly clean, organized, well maintained and secure. Everywhere one turns there are polite signs exhorting one to throw garbage in dustbins and hundreds of trees planted by the community members beautify the surroundings.

Hats off to a citizenry which can boast of achievements such as this. It is a testament to the will of these Indians who are willing to work so hard in order to improve the quality of their lives and community in this way. The people who live in Tarun Nagar, Guwahati serve as shining examples of the what the future of India can look like, if only we unite as one country and get down to work. There can be no better slap in the face to remind the lifeless local and state government of their criminal neglect than the shining streets of Tarun Nagar
Always for the Truth and Reality !!
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