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Old April 15th, 2003, 08:29 AM
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Cool Did you have a crush on your SO?

Back when I was young and foolish (now I'm less young and more foolish, thank you very much), I used to develop the most mind-bogglingly intense crushes on girls, usually at first sight. We're talking the whole works here -- adrenaline rush, sweaty palms, inability to think straight in their presence, and inability to think of anything else outside of their presence.

The thing is, for years and years I was convinced that this wonderful, exhilarating, hormonal rush of a feeling was "true love," and I couldn't imagine ever marying someone for whom I didn't have these feelings.

Now, as I contemplate getting married to my gal in the forseeable future , I realize that I never really had a crush on her . I was certainly attracted to her when I first met her on this new year's eve in the Pune Get Together , and in the course of our dating I've come to develop a deep and abiding love for her. I want to spend every minute with her, and I miss her when she is gone. ( Presently she has gone to her hometown for 2 months in her vacations ) And, of course, I find her sexy as hell, which is always a plus. But I just don't have that dibilitating, heart-pounding rush whenever I see or think about her. And, to be honest, I think that's just as well, since it allows me to treat her like a person and not simply the "object of my affection."

I keep telling her many times that this time I am not getting all those fervent feelings which I used to get earlier ( I can make it out from her behaviour that she has the same fervent feelings for me which I used to have once upon a time for my ex crushes and X.Y.L's ) and she is least irritated or pissed off with this and comfortably says that you have been in love several times and I am in love for the first time and hence the difference OR may be it's the age difference of 7 + years between the two of us which makes you take all this a little more maturedly than me . Honestly speaking I myself do not know why is it so

What do you think could be the reason for me not having those fervent feelings for my beloved in full intensity which I used to have for every ex crush and ex gf and ex unrequitted love of mine

Incase you don't have a answer to the above question than below is something very general which every married man can answer .

For those of you who have found the love of your life, I'm just curious whether you ended up marrying somebody you had a crush on initially, or whether there really is a difference between a crush and "true love" in your opinion.
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