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Old August 30th, 2000, 05:39 PM
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Do you think that Govinda is a better entertainer than other starts, as his films are usually comedy type and provide full time-pass?

Okay they may not be very logical, but they do provide some time-pass without tension.
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Old August 30th, 2000, 10:03 PM
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Cool Govinda ala rey ala

Hey usg,

Im glad that you pulled this tpoic out of your tounge(fingers).

Yes i vote for govinda and his films, they are sooo and to watch.

His movies are the best tension relievers for me.
Absolute indian mass masala , filled with fun.
His movies makes me dance , sing and laugh ..

Kisi Disco mein Jayee..
Kisi Hotel mein Khayee..

Jai ho Govinda
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Old August 31st, 2000, 02:58 PM
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Wink I don't agree completely

Yeah evem i dolike the Virar ka Chokra viz Govind Arun Ahuja ( Govinda) though i nevr liked him initially when he was new .

Agreed that while watching his movies you need not use ur brains but isn't he merely repeating himself.

The last movie which entertained me the most ie the comedy was Dewaana mastaana.

Haven't seen a more entertaining movie after that one atleast amongst the movies of the present age.

Govinda and david Dhavan do make a complete entertainer but they are just repeating themseleves all the time.

No doubt that he just expresses himself marvellously and justwhole heartedly and his dressing sense is just Unique

Once in a blue moon Ok but not always .

Govinda indeed has come a long way now and has prooved himself but at the same time he has been typecasted which is the greatest flaws of our Indian PHILUM Industry Unlike Hollywood.

The thing which every now and then forces me to thinkis that why don't the indian film ppl make some logical PHILUMS like the west .

leave govinda each and every actor today is typecasted.

Who is to blame for this the producers directors or the audience ?

I think the audience are to be blamed because if their a switch to some logical movies just how many ppl will have a taste for it .

What is the reason that the indian Philum industry being the biggest film producer in the world is at the sma time the one which has just not bagged enuff oscars.

i personally feelthat the western comedies are much more entertaining then ours as they are based on a subject a theme and not just Latkaa 's and jhatkaas of the heroes and heroines.

Moreover our directors along with the audience are just not educated enuff tocome upwith a new topic.

The sucess of an indian movie today depends merely on it's locations it's casting and the number of songs and censored scenes and not at allon the story.

Any film in india is just made keeping in mind the songs and locations.

What does a 3 hour Indian enetrtainer offers ?

HORSE SHIT with no sense and infinite flaws.

Movies like Hyderabad blues Rockford come and go without being noticed and they are just not released in most of the Indian cities and why shud they be released when the mere purpose of the makers is toearn bread and butter for themselves so they are giving us what we are demanding.

Why do we all have such an idiotic choice inspite of being well educated.

Why are we so limited ? cant we think beyond dancing around trees raping killing murdering familie problems and emotions.

Why not some sci fi or adventrous movies.

We say that IT(information technology) today stands for India's tomorow and yet we havent seen a movie based on such concepts.

Today after coming out of a theatre after watching a Hindi movie i hardly remember it but after seeing an english movie based on some topic it just gets printed on the hard disk of my head.

How long is this gona continue?

Dont you all feel ashamed of youself when u consider the fact that a vendor selling a vada paav or a cobbler on a street has the same choice for his entertainment as us ie GOVINDA.

Ok tell me one thing honestly had hindi not been your mother tongue how many of you wud have opted for a Hindi movie.
I guess that none of you .

Frankly speaking if English had been my mother tongue i wud have just not opted for a hindi movie when contrary to it I do enjoy watching English movies more then I enjoy the hindi ones.

Thats the only reason perhaps that why haventwe won enuff oscars.

I remember that only Gandhi had won a few oscars and that too was not a hindi movie in the true sense as gandhi was played by Ben kingsley and not by any Indian Actor.And as faras i remember it was alsodirected by some non Indian(may be i am wrong But I recollect that only)

Correct me if i am wrong .
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