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Old June 24th, 2018, 12:53 PM
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Hereditary - Movie Review

The critics are singing praises of this movie , and all major reviewers have given high praises to this horror movie . Which is why I went to see it . But on seeing it I found that the movie is for the high fundoo reviewers only . Only self proclaimed 'intellectuals' will like it . The common people won't.

Grandmother dies . She has had a troubled relationship with her daughter , mother of grand daughter Charlie and son . Charlie begins to see visions of her grandmother and follow them . She is a strange looking child . Her brother takes her to a party where she falls sick and he has to rush her to a doctor by his car . But she is so sick that she bobs her head out of the window and when her brother is forced to swerve the car to avoid something on the road her head hits an obstacle and is chopped off .

Mother son relationship which is already on the rocks goes off the rocker with this horrific death . Mother has sleepwalking problem and we don't know when she is really sleepwalking or having nightmares , or her son is having nightmares . Soon mother goes to a group for consoling people coping with grief and tells her problems . One day she is invited by Annie to do a seance to communicate with the dead . The seance is so effective that mother decides to do the seance in her house , forcing her reluctant husband and son to participate in it .

After the seance , Charlie makes her appearance felt in the house by turning pages of a book she used to draw on . The son bangs his head into his table in classroom in school in front of the girl he likes . At this juncture , mother discovers a dead body in the attic , which has it's head cut off just as Charlie had her head cut off in her accident . Mother discovers from old photos that Annie was actually grandmother's friend , so she had been probably sent by grandmother to communicate with dead Charlie . Mother tries to burn the drawing book of Charlie , only to discover that she is burning herself . So she has to remove the book from the fireplace . She then asks her husband to burn the book , which leads to him being burnt completely .

Son wakes from his sleep to see his mother being lifted to the tree house outside his house . His dead grandmother who was a witch is behind all this . He is soon forced to become king of hell , which is what his grandmother wanted him to be . The soul of king of hell had been mistakenly born in his sister Charlie , but now it has been successfully transplanted into him .

Colours and photography and background music is good . But movie is not scary at all . Horror jolts are not much effective .

Verdict---Bad movie with bizarre ending .
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