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Old November 2nd, 2017, 02:05 PM
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Ashdoc's movie review---Rukh

Looking at some of the shady dealings in the film , I thought it was India's first film about the after effects of demonetisation . For the main crisis is over a man caught by the income tax department and his case handed over to the CBI over a big matter of black money laundering . But the disclaimer at the beginning of the movie put paid to such hopes ; it said that the main part of the film had been filmed before november 2016---when demonetisation happened . Though the movie is mainly a hindi language film , some of the dialogues are in marathi as some of the characters played are maharashtrians .

Manoj Bajpayee plays Diwakar---a businessman who runs a leather factory . But lately he has been out of his house for days on end , worrying his wife Nandini ( Smita Tambe ) . One day his car suddenly meets with an accident . His son Dhruv ( Adarsh Gourav ) who is only eighteen is studying in boarding school , and has to hasten home after hearing of this news . On returning he finds out that his mother has shifted to her mother's house and his house is now occupied by someone else .

Dhruv decides to find out if his father's death was really an accident , and as he investigates he begins to believe that it was murder . He begins to persistently question his father's associates and some of them begin to blurt out what was happening . His father's business partner Robin ( Kumud Mishra ) was using the leather company to launder black money for his Saudi clients , who used it to finance underworld operations . The income tax department had caught this fact and was handing over the matter to CBI . And Dhruv's father Diwakar had agreed to present all records of the company to the CBI , which would have led to Robin's arrest . Dhruv begins to believe that his father was murdered by Robin to prevent this .

As Dhruv begins to unravel the truth , he realises how much his father's real personality remained hidden from him due to his long absence from home in boarding school . Soon we learn about his own unsavoury past too . Dhruv has been sent to boarding school because of his fight with another boy whom he badly wounded and permanently maimed for life . His own personality is thus hot tempered . Soon he begins to plan revenge on Robin by fiddling with the pistol of his friend and dreaming of using it on Robin . He traces the truck driver with whose truck his father Diwakar met with an accident and threatens him with his gun .

But all through this Dhruv's mother Nandini wants him to not proceed further with his investigation . And who is the mysterious man who keeps following him in his car all the time ? Something is fishy out there....

As Robin and his cohorts try to pin the blame of the whole black money laundering operation on Diwakar in order to escape the CBI's clutches , Dhruv goes on an all out effort to resolve the mystery and clear his father's name . This leads to another fight ; this time with his father's associate Shinde , who is a hot tempered person himself . But when the truth comes out , Dhruv is left dumbfounded by what had really happened . He realises that his mother was trying to shield him from what had really happened , and the reality of life is to try to come to terms with bad news and not investigate it like some detective in a mystery thriller movie .

The movie moves at a languid pace in the first half and I was beginning to lose interest . Only in the second half does it perk up and gives a satisfactory climax . Music is the strong point of the film even though there are only two songs . Photography is okay though colours are one dimensional . Acting is okay by everyone , but Adarsh Gourav excels in his portrayal of Dhruv . Watch him as he comes to terms with his own past as he goes about the investigation of his father's death , to the point where we realise that the movie is about the cleansing of one's own faults rather than a typical suspense movie . In fact it is parallel cinema , what we lay public calls an art movie .

Verdict ---Decent .

Three stars out of five .
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