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BAL THOKRE is not just a criminal but the richest criminal of India.
Once again,we have collectively proved that this man is above the constitution of India.
Why did this problem start?Why till recently everything was fine between Vajpayee jee and Thokre jee and now things are getting difficult?
Thokre wanted to place his own man on the post of Director IPCL which Vajpayee didn't do,also the contact of Omman gulf plant was given to an Italian firm while Thokre wanted this contract for a German firm,so this show down.
Gandbole what you think is right for thinking but wrong for doing.
I personally think that to end this chaos,only professional should be given the post of Minister and all these professionals should not be members of any house of parliament.The way once upon a time Manmohan singh was made the finance minister and later made the member of rajya sabha.
So by making professionals ministers ,these professionals will make the laws,MPs will have debate on those laws if needed the laws will be edited and according to that law the ministry will function.
Otherwise what is the situation today?Even Laloo can become
Science and Technology minister.

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