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Arrow Re: Vishal Sikka is likely to usher in Infosys company's Heydays

Originally Posted by sgars View Post
In fact if inflation was factored, rupee was raising. it was before the cyber coolie success kicked in. It was due to inflows from FIIs buying into 'India story', though FDI was still in millions compared to billions in China.

Sometime in 2007, Cyber coolie world was again peeing in pants after Rupee rose to about 35 to a dollar.
Originally Posted by sgars View Post
The Heydays of Infy are over. Vishal Sikka did bring it up from the dumps. But it made its money with Satyam in y2k and in days when dollar was 30, but 10k a month was like a princely salary.
Originally Posted by echarcha View Post
You need visionaries and not just heads of 'services computer coolie' companies to have any planning of the city, area, etc.

After being here in India for 4 plus years, I know that our so called IT industry is only a services industry for sure and the few startups here are trying to break the mould, but its a long way to go. Anyway, more on that later .... in some other thread.
All that is going to change. The new guy has taken measures. Hackathon facilitates genuine innovation, right? Link in next post.
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