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Re: When Harry met Sejal review

from one of the best friends this review came, he is good at writing and i all-ways love reading him,.,.,

Jab Harry met Sejal

*spoilers ahead*

I must make a confession before I review any SRK movies. I have been an SRK fan since my teenage days. While I thought Chennai Express, Happy New Year, and Dilwale were mindless drivel; I appreciated Fan, Dear Zindagi, and Raees.

Based on the highly negative reviews of "Jab Harry met Sejal", I was expecting a really trashy film. I was pleasantly surprised that I found the movie quite enjoyable. Like Jagga Jasoos, I do not think the film deserves the bad reputation it is getting.

The first half of the film was funny, poignant, and enjoyable. Harry and Sejal have an intentionally uncomfortable chemistry. I found their banter witty and spot on about societal stereotypes and expectations.

The second half of the film falters and drags. The Gas storyline was absolutely unnecessary and served no purpose. The previous half did such a good job of building up the chemistry, that this storyline was forced. Mayank's wedding was also an added distraction that could have been done without. I see the purpose of getting another character questioning Harry and Sejal's intentions, but that could have been done easily without wasting time with extensive song and dance routines and drama.

In my opinion, and perhaps this will be a controversial and minority opinion, the perfect ending for the movie would be Harry and Sejal sleeping together with Sejal breaking the engagement over the phone the morning after. There were a few moments in the movie where I was excited that this is how it would end. I have a surreal feeling that this is how the original script was intended to end, but it was altered to cater to desi sensibilities.

Desi audiences would not have accepted an engaged woman sleeping with her tour guide. Not before that engagement was already off. That is cheating. Yes, cheating is absolutely wrong and disgusting. But to be honest Sejal and Rupen never had a "relationship" to begin with. I can understand Rupen's rage at Sejal losing a family heirloom. However, when he refuses to talk to Sejal, it reflects a lack of bonding. Sejal is constantly taken aback by Harry acknowledging her own agency. She wishes Rupen was like Harry and that's what draws her to him. If cheating is the problem, then Sejal is cheating on Rupen the second she starts wishing Rupen to be like Harry. Sex is just a corollary at this point. To me, Harry and Sejal sleeping together would have had a lot more impact than the time wasting melodrama we got instead. The whole Punjab sequence is also unnecessary. Sleeping with Sejal would have resolved Harry's loneliness as he finally has had a meaningful relationship rather than one just for physical fun. So for me, the film was ruined by a contrived, poorly scripted and edited second half that could have been resolved more tautly.

Many people are bothered by the age gap. And yes, I often find it irritating when older men try to play kids. It is also irritating that the old Khans want to romance young actresses. I found the age gap palatable because Harry is not supposed to be young. He left home as a young man a long time ago to be a singer. He's lived in Europe as a tour guide for ages now. He's lost his job and changed it four times. He has had a two-year long relationship. So clearly he is not scripted as a spring chicken. At a minimum, he is someone in his thirties. I was not even thinking of age as the characters clicked for me.

I can embrace why most people did not like the film. The first half can come off as just pointlessly flitting from one place to another (I enjoyed it though). The second half is contrived like a constipated poop that you just want to get done with, but no matter how much you push, it just does not come out, and finally, when it's done you're relieved but the misery of the experience will haunt you. To counter that I am re-imagining the ending I would have had if I were the director. I am also amusing myself by inserting Gollum screaming "My preciousss" in all the ring sequences. Actually, I have rewritten the Gas sequence to be set in Mordor.
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