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Actually, some companies are hiring...

As a MS student, I have found that there are many companies who are hiring now, especially in engineer level. Most said that layoffs were expected long back and this is a phase that stops the industry being overvalued. They predicted around 1 yr for things to get better.

And it will be best if there is no hiring frenzy like fall 2000. People were ready to hire you then if you could spell the word 'C++'. Most of my friends who graduated last fall have said that most of the those hired did not have too many things to work on and were on the bench (some still are)

As for the East/West scenario, the west has a lot of dotcoms which have gone under. On the east coast, it is primarily n/w companies which are still hiring. But they need a lot of specialized courses and projects. In fact, this is the only time I have really felt that a MS has really helped me. Even on the west coast, for most of the really high tech n/w //telecom companies, it is business as usual. Only, hiring is slightly slower and more discreet. US will do well if it focuses on growth rates around 10 % and not the earlier exponential rates.
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