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Re: Vinod Khanna dying?

From my childhood memory, I always found VK, more charming, handsome, height-body and personality fellow, a tall and well-built punjabi kapoor fellow, and a well-built chocolate hero, ( though, he could never act by face, bringing enough emotions,… as good as Rajesh or Amitabh,.. or he could be No. 1 ) one of the best actor in personality in line with Shashi kapoor and Rajesh khanna, ( as, RK , Vishwajeet, and Kidhore kumar and many others were not pleasant-faced, watching on silver screen ) to whom you ‘d love to watch on the silver screen as an actor. Though, I never loved him as a villain and daku roles like in Mera gaanv Mera desh, kachche dhaage, and others.

At that time, his slow and boredom movie ( just like aavishkaar of Rajesh ) “Achanak “ somehow got a rare-splendid publicity, out of imagination,.. also with his “ Mere Apne “- Meena kumaari movie, in tussle with Shotgun was famous as per the availability of that time.

Hatah ki safaayi’s song – Vaada kar le saajna ( also a black shirt with double white silaayi, became a fashion at that time, which he wore.. ) Also few movie with shabana – a cycle song, also Lahu ke dau rang,. became famous.

Hera-feri, khoon-paseena, AAA, Zameer., Parvarish were ok and running masala movies of those time, where he and Big B worked as shoulder to shoulder friends,. and public enjoyed all masalas in it.

I liked his role in movie Imtihaan – title song – Ruk jaan anahin, tu kahin haar ke,.. his walking style was, peculiar and patent and it made that song hit and meaningful,.

Later, Qurbani, Mukaddar ka sikander, Burning train, Insaaf, Jurm, he looked good in shooted-booted personality. After Mukkaddar ka sikandar, Big B got a very big warning sign that he can easily over-take him,… the song starts rote huye aate hai sub,… and in that one,his entry of reading a news paper at Juhu bus-stand was even marvel looking than Amitabh.

“Lekin” with Dimple was also good. In one movie shooting, he had to kiss Dimple Kapadia and Mahesh bhatt kept on telling cut, cut,. But he could not control and kept on doing ( who could… if Dimpy’s face was to be licked – you just can’t stop it ) , and somehow that scene went censor cut with the movie. He had nicely icecream kissed and bedroom kissed Madhuri Dixit in Daywan, and his act was good, even in a negative make-up. Movie Lekin, Leela also I liked a lot. Meera and Main Tulsi tere aangun ki, also was his good slow movie role.

Bambayi se aaya mera dost- was his that time famous song and people liked his role. He sure lost his time in Rajneesh ashram, when he was at peak. Punjabi genes lasts long and no wonder he looked always handsome and well-built as an actor. In movie Kudarat, he overshined Rajesh at few points, also his small role in “ Premkahani was great .

Chahiye thoda pyaar,.... Thoda pyaar chahiye,...

Bambayi se aaya mera dost,.. dost ko sallam karo,...

He always worked great as a co-actor , and also few of his movie like Shaq, imtihaan, Insaaf, he came out in independent role.
Muqqdaar ka Sikandar’s song,…. “ Yalla Yalla,.. Ya allah,…. , I still love to watch today, and it’s all due to his dazzling and dignified personality. IMHO< If one were a girl and she says she never liked him, I would simply conclude that statement as, she is a Les.


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