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Re: No Reservation for Muslims?

Originally Posted by BABU_HYDERABADI View Post
Please do not generalize, i have personally known genius who came out of zilla praja parishad schools. A hard working student be it from a remote rural or a city can survive in any situation thrown at them. If one does not get reservation and get in to BSC instead of engineering, a good student always comes on the top.
That being said i am against reservation(even students who get -ve marks in medical and engineering entrance exams get in to MBBS or BE seats and upper caste students who scored 90% do not). The only way to remove the social inequalities is to give additional marks to students who are from a poor family and or coming from a rural area.
Upper caste candidate lost to his own kin who had around 50 % of open seat so as a state they are getting 99% scoring people as well. Those who got negative marks will have to pass exam in same institution with same passing standard. Actually all the general category people who lose out, they lose out to their own category people.

Originally Posted by swami View Post
Reservation was planned only for few years after Independence but it became a strong tools in the hands of politicians.
Till date on the strong and influential of the reserved categories reap the full benefits for SC,ST,BC EB etc meant for them,its very rare that poor of these caste get jobs or admissions.

So in short reservation is only for rich and influential and it will be same if Muslims are included
Reservation are here to stay, India always voted in favour of it and will keep on it

Originally Posted by sarv_shaktimaan View Post
One facet of reservation is that those that are backward SC ST, etc will pay less fee, but coming from a middle class family, I was paying 35K per year for engineering and rich SC ST buggers were paying 3K a year. This was my first personal exposure to how BS this reservation crap is.

The system is lopsided in the favor of anybody who can furnish a SC ST OBC what have you certificate. The basis should be economic status but that is as easily faked as backward class certificate.
No it is not easy to furnish backward caste certificate, it is decided at the moment of our birth and cannot be changed unlike economic condition. Almost everybody marries in his own caste, live in area populated by same caste people. Discriminates on the basis of birth superiority and get all sanskars done by people of certain caste.
Privileged castes own more than 50% of India's wealth. Without looking into list I can tell you top 100 richest people in India will have more than 95% people of forward caste then a few OBCs and Muslim and definately no SC/ST

Originally Posted by Bhidubhai View Post
I have no probs in dalits getting reservation but dont think Muslims deserve it.

Again, isnt reservation different from renting, etc.?
Point I want to raise is that discrimination is not on economic condition, it is on the basis of caste and religion. A rich and poor brahmin are more likely to get married than a rich dalit and poor Yadav.

Originally Posted by rationalthinker View Post
"PASSING MARKS" are the barest minimum considered necessary to 'accept' an incumbent as 'qualified' to pursue the job, profession etc.. that 'THAT EXAM' is held for.
The difference in the expertness and proficiency is reflected (unless the 'topper' is from UP,Bihar!) in the '%age' difference that exists between the barely passed, and the 95%er.
Granted that both are taught from the same syllabus, but the diligence, innate intelligence, efforts etc.. between the students gets reflected in HOW MUCH is eventually grasped by each of them------and it invariably SHOWS!

Actually, merit means ability to do a given job or task. How well that job/task is done, is 'excellence'------and it can easily be judged by the resources (time taken, qtty. of materials used etc..) used-----the excellent use minimum, and the mediocre use much much more!
------In local parlance, we use 'merit', when we actually mean 'excellence'!
Assuming both have 6 CGPA, reserved candidate and general candidate, how would be decide excellence?

Originally Posted by kkkk View Post
bhai if there is really no difference in output, why judge the input at all based on ANY criteria? lets just ask everyone who is interested to apply and then pick our candidates from lottery! atleast system will be fairer to every candidate and we wont have to listen to drivel about reservations for this caste or that religion.

apply the same to armed forces, abolish SSBs, abolish all entrances - afterall as long as exit criteria is stringent and uniform, it should not matter?
Selection in Armed forces is not by merit, it is by selection and that is the process that I was trying to advocate all along, In SSB, if anyone here has attended one, nobody asks about "roll on top maneuver" or Drum rolls in the test. One might have topped NDA written exam but might never make out to be clear from SSB. I had a friend in my battalion in NDA with surname Kambli from Dharavi Slum, he consistently had poor percentage but it always increased by 1 % finally reaching 55% in 12th. He finally graduated into Indian Navy and is now a Wulur lake boy. What are his chances of becoming an engineer in IIT or doctor from AIIMS? None.

People who get selected in IITs are generally asked question of BSc Physics of IIIrd Year. They may or may not have aptitude for it but are coached to clear exam and hence they become fantasy writers, TVF people and some good engineers.

Originally Posted by BABU_HYDERABADI View Post
people keep repeating this BS till the time it comes to them. For example if you are to have a life altering surgery, would you pick a guy who took 10 years to pass MBBS with bare minimum or some one who scored 90+% and passed MBBS in a single go??
I would also ask why have such passing criteria, how can someone get degree in at the end of 10th year. I am all for cancelling such graduation. It doesn't happen in AFMC though their is women reservation of 25 women per batch. And some of them might have scored less than boys who didn't get in.

Originally Posted by BABU_HYDERABADI View Post
this is fake news. In UP, Private medical colleges never had reservations for OBC's. And this also is only for MD seats only.
Every state has reservation for its own people, 50% of people of same state, so we don't try to find out merit in the people coming from another state. People of UP won't like people from Assam coming and getting a seat even if it is 99%

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