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Re: Movie reviews of some off beat films that I saw recently

Coffee bloom

'Coffee Bloom' is set in the lovely coffee plantations of Coorg , a mountainous and scenic region of penisular India . And the cinematographer does justice to the scenery in which the film has been shot , by showcasing the verdant land full of lush greenery and lakes and beautiful forests . One gets in to a relaxed mood on seeing the superb landscape , and does not want to see any trouble break into this paradise....

....But trouble does come , in the form of a troubled young man ( Dev Cariappa played by Arjun Mathur ) who has a permanently skewed expression on his face . His life has gone off course years ago , after his elopement with his girlfriend was derailed by her parents and she was separated from him by brute force . He then sold his coffee plantation in Coorg in a fit of frustration and retreated into renouncement of the world altogether to try to become an ascetic . But the death of his mother forces him to face the real world , and he realizes his mistake in selling the lush green coffee plantation that was family property . And he comes back to Coorg---the land of his ancestors , the land where he grew up , the land with so many childhood try to reclaim the land .

And what does he come face to face with in his land ?? His woman....or rather his ex girlfriend Anika ( played by Sugandha Garg )....It is her husband who owns the plantation now , and he is known as Vas ( actually Vas is short form of Srinivas Panicker , played by Mohan Kapoor ) . Vas is a jolly good fellow who may be a nice guy but has little in the way of brains . He dreams of having a coffee bloom in his plantation without any technical knowledge of growing coffee and hires Dev the coffee growing expert , not knowing that it is Dev's former land....

Hmm....Dev's former land and Dev's former woman---Vas is in possession of them both....And Dev is determined to get them both back , by hook or crook....and sparks fly between Dev and Anika , who looks good in chest hugging and cleavage baring tops....but the situation is complicated by the entry of the Bengali woman who loves Dev , and who outmatches Anika due to her buxom figure and her full body and her wet saris and her sleeveless blouses....

So who what happens next ?? Will Dev get his land and his woman and his revenge over his wrongs and his life.....will he get them back ?? What about the innocent Vas who is not party to any of these secrets ?? What is the role of the bengali woman in all this ??
Watch the movie for the answers....

All the actors act out their part well , but the best acting is by Mohan Kapoor . He puts joi de vivre in his role , endlessly yak yaking from his mouth and seeming like a genuine person . You really feel sympathy for his character , completely oblivious to the storm brewing around him while he is dreaming of brewing coffee !! Compared to him , Dev ( Arjun Mathur ) looks like a selfish and self centered person constantly brooding over past wrongs . Anika maintains her composure even though she is caught between two men , Sugandha Garg has acted that role well . Ultimately it is the Bengali woman who urges Dev to do what is right....

I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely locations and breathtaking scenery of the film , the acting of the actors , and the good direction and storyline , and above all by the fine ending !! And I was happy that there are little gems to be discovered in the world of film making and this film is such a gem....
There is only one song and it is hummable , and the music is good and apt for the situations .

One day I hope to visit Coorg ; but if I can't then I will watch it in this film....

Verdict---Good .
Three and a half stars .

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