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Movie reviews of some off beat films that I saw recently

Ishq kay parindey

'Ishq kay parindey' ( The doves of romance ) is a Indo Pak love story set in the city of nawabs---Lucknow . Embellished with soulful music and poetry , the film truely showcases the royal culture of Lucknow .

Unlike other Indo Pak love stories where the religious angle is important , here it is not ; both the hero and the heroine belong to the same religion . But the hero Faiz ( played by Rishi Verma ) is an Indian who makes it clear in some dialogues that his loyalties lie with India , while the heroine Sheen ( played by Priyanka Mehta ) is a Pakistani .

SHEEN !! The name brings Kashmir in mind....for in the kashmiri language sheen means snow , and there has already been a film on Kashmir called Sheen which was made in 2004 ( I have reviewed it ; search for the review if you want ) . However in the arabic language sheen means beautiful .

If Sheen is taken to represent Kashmir , then director Shakir Khan has played a deft hand indeed....for Sheen who comes from Karachi in Pakistan is fond of saying that even in Pakistan she used to say that she was half Hindustani ( Indian ) because she had relatives in India . And now that she has come to visit India , she never intends to leave ; she is in love with the land and it's people---heartwarming stuff for Indians indeed....

And she is in love with an Indian too---for the director effortlessly weaves an old fashioned romance between Faiz and Sheen ; old fashioned because it starts with love letters sent on kites and carrier pigeons before Sheen takes the lead in giving her mobile phone number to Faiz . And the romance continues amidst the old world charm of Lucknow , in the picturesque locales that dot the city---Rumi Gate, Bara Imambara, Hazrat Ganj, Sheesh Mahal, Qaiser Bagh, Begum Hazrat Mahal Maqbara, Residency, Jehangirabad Palace, Sultanat Manzil, Dada Miyan Dargah, Teelewaali Masjid and many others .

The relaxed mood which the romance puts you in is heightened by the lovely songs and beautiful poetry in the film , with dialogues laced with the urdu language . The photography of the green countryside and historical monuments is good too , with shots of doves flying in the air....

And frankly , I never wanted the spiel of romance to break ; I wanted to soak in the romantic atmosphere and go to sleep with dreams of romance....
But beyond dreams is the real world , the the real world consists of some cruel people....Sheen has to come to terms with the fact that the pacific Faiz has a brother who is a gangster....and she cannot come to terms with that fact !! For she has come to India to escape the endemic violence in Pakistan that has claimed the lives of practically all her relatives there , and is not mentally prepared to live with Faiz's violent relatives .

So she prepares to marry another man , leaving Faiz shattered....

So does she marry another man ??
Or are we in for the Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century , given the violent propensities of both her new fiance and Faiz's relatives ??
Watch the movie for the answers....

I particularly liked the soulful songs and fine poetry of the film , and it's nice photography....but the beauty of the heroine Priyanka Mehta was worth a watch too--large blue grey eyes and silken pink skin....
Acting was decent by everyone .

The message of the director is---peace....peace between India and Pakistan , peace for the lovers immerse themselves in love , peace for Kashmir---if Sheen indeed is meant to represent it....
And unlike the trend today , the director is not shy of saying or at least hinting that India is a better place than Pakistan....that did make me a little bit happy....and biased me in favour of the film....

Verdict---decent .
Three stars .

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