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there u go ....

Originally posted by Fei
the point is why do we even care if he commited prolly never even happend..
beware , there are feminists who immidiately flame u and say "WHAT ??? U DONT CARE THAT A WOMAN WAS RAPED", and thereby potraying u as an insensitive man.

Originally posted by Fei
its jus a propaganda to stain marathi culture and the name of was a long time ago...
Thats exactly what pro-Shivaji wd accuse.
If TOI reports this news, along with historians 100s of politicos will also join the debate. There will be a few bandhs and rumbling in Parliament, Assemblies etc. God that wd be a very comic tragedy.

Originally posted by Fei
we have more issues to think about in india than to speculate if ...
I agree. We have lots of problem to solve such as poverty, slow/corrupt courts, corrupt/atrocious police, corruption, worsening school/college education etc etc

But somehow, gossip-style history gets more attention than something serious.

-Rahul Mehta
India needs fast/fair courts, not AVATAARS. Jury System is the solution to India's problems
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