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Re: Movie reviews of some off beat films that I saw recently

So Newton is India's official entry to the Oscars 2018.

Newton movie review..

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Newton is a BO success too, though it is collecting only in metro cities. On Saturday, many multiplexes in Bombay and Delhi increased shows of Newton, reducing the shows of Kingsman - the Golden Circle. It is now set to collect more than Rs.25 Crores

I just posted the trailer of Newton few weeks back, when people were complaining that Bollywood doesn't offer good movies. Bollywood does offer these kinda movies almost every month, but there is no audience for many of those.

But still nothing changes, as these movies get audience only in few metro cities and masala movies get a bigger audience. Having said that Bollywood Masala movies have improved too, with BB , Sultan and TEPK tasting success. In fact changing audience preference is creating trouble for Bollywood stars, as they cant get away with crap like Wanted, Kick or Rowdy Rathore.

A great article which tries to tell facts using real numbers.

The percentage of gross box office that comes from US versus worldwide is where things get really interesting. Consider the movies whose foreign box office dwarfs the US percentage: The Fate of the Furious (part of a franchise that has always done well globally, due in part to its diverse cast), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Transformers: The Last Knight, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, and The Mummy, which gave Tom Cruise his biggest global opening weekend ever despite an anemic debut in the US. These films, like many that become hits abroad, tend to be heavy on spectacle and action and light on story. This isnĀ’t because foreign audiences prefer bad storytelling, but rather because visual spectacle translates across languages more readily than plot, with its dependence on dialogue and shared cultural ideas, does.
Though it doesn't really fit in this thread, it beautifully articulates the fact that the commercial movies are shaped by the preferences of audience. A general shift in the demographics of audience create a huge change in teh kind of films made by an industry. Both Hollywood and Bollywood are witnesses to this. If one evaluates objectively, the demographic changes are proving bad for Hollywood and are proving good for Bollywood. The change in South Indian commercial film industries are relatively less, as South has very high penetration into rural areas (and hence higher proportion of revenues from rural areas), where the social uplift over the last 25 years is relatively less compared to urban areas.

A Rajkumar Rao film collecting more than Sanjay Dutt's film would have been never possible in the history of Bollywood. Thanks to increasing proportion of collections coming from metro cities, it has happened now

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