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Re: Movie reviews of some off beat films that I saw recently

I am earnestly seeking for this of-beat, recent controversial film on net,… and got nthg but the failure. Has anyone seen this film, or any opine about it ?....or any idea where to watch it ? Netflix, Hulu and Amazone prime videos does not have it,..

Lipstick Under My Burkha-

The film is worth all the hype it has generated due to the whole censor controversy. One must really thank Pahlaj Nahlani for his ban on the film or else this little gem would've got lost amidst the indies that keep releasing without any promotion and fails at the box office. We finally have a film in Bollywood that talks about a woman, through the eyes of a woman in an unabashed, unapologetic, uncompromising way.

The film revolves around four women who have four secret lives and who love to dream. An aged Buaji, who loves reading erotic novels, a middle aged Shireen, who secretly works as a salesgirl, A 20 something Leela who owns a parlour but dreams of her own startup and an 18 year old college fresher Rihanna who worships Miley Cyrus and dreams to become a singer. The only hurdle- The society that they live in, which doesn't allow them to bring their secret dreams out in the open. The narrative is beautifully woven around a book called 'Lipistick wale sapne' which Buaji is reading and the film revolves around Buaji reading the whole book and how the fictional story of Rosy and her desires connects the lives of these four women.
Kudos to whoever has written the story of 'Lipistick wale sapne' that is narrated by Buaji throughout the film. Such beautiful lines that makes you really emotional at times.

There is absolutely NOTHING in the film that deserves a ban. Neither does it disrespect the burkha or any religion, nor does it titilates the audience with the sex scenes. I guess the reason why the censor board didn't want the country to see the film because it shows what women are in real life- HUMANS and not sex objects of desire like portrayed in Bollywood films. It's also refreshing to finally see a coming of age film having women as central characters celebrating not just their freedom but even their sexual desires. No wonder eyebrows would be raised because here only men are supposed to have desires and women, their object of desire.

Hats off to the director and writer of the film Alankrita Shrivastava for handling such a subject so well. She sets the story in a middle class lane of Bhopal instead of a metropolitan city and yet doesn't stereotype people of smaller towns/cities. Another positive of the film is that it's not preachy which women centric films in India tend to become after a point of time. Rather it is super entertaining and a black comedy. You laugh but at the same time feel sad for the four characters. It's also heartening to see a narrative build around the sexual desires of an aged woman on the big screen because we automatically turn old men and women into these pious, asexual grandparent figures.

Coming to the performances, the ensemble cast does a really good job. Aahana Kumra, Plabita Borthakur, Sushant Singh and Vikrant Massey are perfect for their roles but the film belongs to Konkona Sen Sharma and Ratna Pathak Shah. They both are BEYOND BRILLIANT in the film and deliver of their FINEST performances in a Bollywood film.

There's a scene where buaji(Ratna Pathak Shah) is asked her name and she replies 'Buaji' and the other person goes 'kiski buaji, meri to nahin... aapka naam kya hai', and then she remembers her name is Usha. That single shot where Buaji suddenly remembers her long forgotten amidst all the buaji nonsense is going to stay with me for a long, long time. Ratna adds so much to that one single silent shot with just her expressions. There are so many other such beautiful scenes like buaji not being able to get on an escalator and a line of small hijab clad kids holding hands together help Buaji get on the escalator, etc that can only be enjoyed if you watch the film and not just read a review.

The film does have it's flaws here and there but despite all the shortcomings, like one of the review mentioned, Lipstick Under My Burkha is a great conversation starter of how women should actually be portrayed on screen and how we must stop creating hullabaloo over women and their sexual freedom.

Giving it a 4/5. I really enjoyed the film and so did the houseful theatre I was watching it in. It was great to see so many women in the audience and an equal number of men applauding at the end of the film. A must watch! Please give this film a chance. Doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, go and watch!

Ending the post with one of the pre-climax lines of Lipistick wale sapne... 'and then she took the shovel to unearth her dreams, burried in the graveyard.'

P.S- Please excuse the typos and the layout. Using my phone hence such weird layout of paragraphs in the post. :S

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