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Re: Is anyone making their own household products (like soap/ laundry detergent etc)?

Freak wid da Rotimatic.

In case if someone is wishing to buy that rotimatic,….. a magic dream machine, stay away,… it’s scam and a junk piece…. and all negative reviews I read and hear all-over,….

Apna Haath jagannath. There is no such Magic help-partner,..

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Copied --

Rotimatic is now taking pre-orders in the UK. Did any forum member in the US or Singapore buy and use it? If yes, what is your feedback?

DW and I are quite proficient in making roti/chapati, but would not mind some free time if Rotimatic makes rotis anywhere near to homemade ones.

Do not buy. We are in the US and ordered one earlier this month (after being on the wait-list for sometime). The machine did not work out of the box. Customer service is via chat only and it took a long time (as in several days) for us to get a meaningful response. We found out later that our experience is the norm not the exception. They do not have a phone number to call. After about a week, we hadn't made our first roti (using the Rotimatic). We finally returned it and are now waiting for our refund. Not sure how long this will take.

The whole process has been a disappointment. Here are some cautionary points:

1. You will find no negative reviews about Rotimatic if you do a cursory google search. However, if you go to the Amazon page (, you will see a lot of negative reviews. Rotimatic is not available on Amazon anymore. I am not sure about the reason but about 50% of the reviews have 1 out of 5 stars. If you are serious about buying the Rotimatic, please spend time and read all the reviews, especially the negative ones.

2. There is an owners group in Facebook which has only positive comments, pictures and videos posted. We found out later that the group is owned by the company that sells the Rotimatic (Zimplistic Inc.) and the posts are moderated. My wife bought the Rotimatic after looking at all the wonderful facebook posts. We were allowed to join the group after we purchased our Rotimatic; however, when we tried to post about our initial problems with the machine, they never showed up.

3. Read answers on Quora about experiences from owners and you can find several negative ones.

4. Now, the actual machine itself is an amalgamation of a $50 dough-kneader and a $20 tortilla maker stuffed into a wet-grinder sized body. Not sure why it took three years and six patents to arrive at this concoction. May be it took them all this while to design the plastic arm that pushes the dough-ball on to the hot plate. The parts are all plastic with two hot plates inserted in there. I did not get a sense of durability when I turned it on and watched it start-up. The fact that it got stuck on an error that could not be resolved is for an other day to discuss [IMG]********************************forums/images/smilies/emsad.gif[/IMG]

5. Most of the negative experiences described in the web are on
(a) the consistency of the machine varying between the machine not being able to make any Roti (our experience), uncooked edges, uncooked middle-layer, not being able to control the thickness or the oil level even though you should be able to;
(b) the machine throws several errors and not all of them easily solvable leading to extensive baby-sitting while chatting with the customer service waiting for them to respond;
(c) the machine makes a lot of noise and sucks up a lot of power (> 1.6 kW).

The machine is listed for USD 999 (or about INR 65,000 as of today). I don't think any sane person in India would buy it. In UK and USA, perhaps. But I find it ironic that a Singaporean company is selling a roti-making machine to Indians living outside India. I think we are doomed when China starts selling frozen curd-rice in Patel Brothers.

My advice would be to not buy it.
More videos here:

Only demonstration video seems temptation, reality is scary and it just does not work out...
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