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Activation Mail is infamous around these partsActivation Mail is infamous around these partsActivation Mail is infamous around these partsActivation Mail is infamous around these parts
Arrow Re: Separate state-wise break-up of acid attacks on women and of rapes in India.

A related news. How is the below news related? Both the topics - the topic in the original post and the topic in the below news article - are about weak conscience of the community.

For live image, TV cameras got Gaya man to burn himself to death: police

PATNA, AUGUST 15, Wed Aug 16 2006, 02:42 hrs

On Independence Day, a contractor with the state-run Sudha Dairy set himself on fire, allegedly egged on by TV cameramen, the Gaya police said.

Manoj Mishra, allegedly protesting against non-payment of bills, succumbed to his burn injuries. The police have registered a case against unnamed media personnel for ''abetment.''

Mishra had suffered 90 per cent burns before the police rushed him to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) where the doctors declared him dead on arrival.

Gaya Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar Jain told The Indian Express that an FIR has been lodged against unknown mediapersons for ''abetment.'' He said the television teams present there coaxed the man to immolate himself.

A police officer said that they had reports that one cameraman soaked the man's towel in diesel and coaxed him to light it up assuring that it will be put off after they record pictures.

Jain said Mishra's vehicle was being used on contract by Sudha Dairy and he was blacklisted recently for misconduct and there was no question of non-payment of wages. Sudha Dairy chief Sudha Pandey too denied that there was any pending bill.

TV pictures clearly showed that Mishra failed in his first bid to set himself on fire. He succeeded in his second attempt. His 14-year-old son Prabhakar said as he waited to claim his father's body: ''The media present there did not save my father.''

Gaya police said mediapersons gave Mishra the idea of self-immolation. Although the incident occurred in front of the Gaya Dairy's office, no one was present there since it was a holiday.

''By the time a security guard rushed in to save him, it was too late,'' the police said.

Jain denied reports that Mishra had announced his immolation bid.

''There was no such announcement. His wife was taken aback when she heard of the incident. She said that her husband had gone out saying that he will be back soon,'' the SP said.

IG (Headquarters) and police spokesman Anil Sinha said that an independent probe would be conducted and whoever was found guilty would be punished.

This is not the first incident when television channels have been accused of engaging in pro-active roles in their bid to capture sensational images.

Earlier, television channels were charged with abetting the public humiliation of a professor who fell in love with his student.

On that occasion, Patna SSP Kundan Krishnan had accused the media of overstepping their limits.
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