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Re: Time for culture change at EC?

Originally Posted by riri View Post
It is a very dirty mess. Jai Vinayak, perhaps a Brilliant IIM Bangalore genius guy ( Purvi ) is running this whole universe. Guy is on run from mental asylum, could these all be his nicks, jagmohan, jaggudada, badri, punkaj, candesi, bagheera/werewolf and few others side-products of nicks? few members on, that simple city - wordpress blogs? I smell all of these people as one and the same. I was on EC, a long ago, later was on r2Iclubbings and also knew few ladies and gents there too, but now they all are fighting in wordpress blogs and ruining ECís name. If members on EC are swearing and cursing, it's not their problem, be-coz that is the culture with our forum, if they do not like this forum, stay away and make your bread-roti, somewhere else. We have nothing to do with Bobbus, Reraasasa or R-Bees. Why bringing their problem here?

A web based Desi forum - R2I forum has many problems and law-suits going on. Jai perhaps, a master-mind with that Mogambo image, bald head, with a revolving chair, heavy-thick voice, with a makhmali-over-gown and two bikini ladies massaging him, next to him, like any James Bond movies, a Pahelwaan doing exercise next to him, while bending a thick iron rod,.. in near-by swimming pool few alligators and shark are there, and he is feeding the pieces of chicken-morsel to them... in the center with a neelam/ruby ring on his finger and a cat in his hand to pet, is watching us all on all circulating surrounding monitors, like Hey sar has mentioned. Few EC members are bashed by Return-2-india members and have created a mess here. I am glad that all R2I clubbing members have taken a hike. Swami dada is now leaving for vacation and let hope, Sarva Pai will take everybody on a high remand, with a salt-solution dipped hunter whip.

Fellow, reconscience/Pakau is seen at many forums asking for some mental disease help, and of undiscovered mental disease that is not yet caught or explored by any psychologists or psychiatric and he is begging and seeking for the solution, perhaps he is the master-mind in that Mogambo chair. He is the Jai Vinayak of the internet. He is the Mogambo image of this picture that Heysar has narrated.

One mental guy is still on the run, God knows how many avatars and on how many forums. Help: Urgent!!! Please save my life!!
this was the title found on R2I desi forums
Your "urgent, save my link" does not work. Very likely the the mental guy is already beyond help.

Now you are getting my drift. Why do you think that there is no novel or even bollywood potential in this story ? I can easily see Tom Cruise like character, of the Impossible Mission Force, getting a mission from Mr. Phelps (in the tape, that will self-destruct in five minutes) with instructions on a tape, and go on to find out what is happening and work towards preserving the desi discussion forums for all desikind in the future.
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