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Wink Re: The best way to a man's heart is thru his stomach..

Sounds like you always have something going on in your house, Eveyday there is a new story....

Originally posted by GpeL
Even kids know it..

I LOVE extremely spicy food. So when I reach home from work yesterday, my yet to be 5 year old daughter says "Dad.. I got surprise for you close your eyes".. So I close my eyes and my daughter puts in my mouth a spoon full of concoction.. thats hotter than anything I have EVER eaten in my life.. I start sweating and my ears are tingling.. My eyes widened.. and my daughter says.. I made it just for you..

Ok so eventually my taste buds settle down from the sudden exposure to Molten lava and then I taste little by little and I ask my wife... "What is that she has cooked?" Assuming the 5 year old would have had some supervision/help.. It turns out.. she did not let anyone near her when she made it.. so I ask my daughter what did you put in it.. and she does not know.. so no hope for the recipie.

She says she put tomatos and green chillli and some stuff from the cupboard above and grinded it in mixi..

Today my wife gives me the same "chutney" as side dish for lunch.. now I notice chunks of ginger and a huge flavor of clove.. so thats the secret.. tomato, ginger, clove (loads of it) and mirchi (loads of it).. no that is not the reciepie..

I loved it as a side dish.. but I swear.. kids are not just dangerous with matches.. they can be dangerous otherwise too..

Never again am I opening my mouth with my eyes closed for a kid preparation... I am used to extremely spicy food.. but had it been an american or someone who is not used to the spices.. he would have gone into a state of shock!!

Well why that special surprise? I have no idea yet.. the demand has not yet reached me
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