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Re: Deoband opposes Salman Rushdie's visit to Jaipur

Originally Posted by jeetiaf View Post
bookmarked it and will read it and respond back

Atheist are not born, it is their experience with life and god makes them non-believer, Batees, defeat this atheist logically. Atheist like Karl Marx, Lenin, Bhagat singh were great personalities
even the defence minister AK Antony is atheist and is most honest individual in entire cabinet, Theist should prove to atheist that they are wrong

Ya ya, atheists are not born, so are homosexuals, pedophiles. So???

No, these atheists can only blow ali sina and call it logic. You cannot equate them with greats like bhagat singh.

Existence of pedophiles, atheists and men who keep woman as sex slaves (those without marriage, as in live-in; and name them girl-friend) are the price society pays for its fear of law and or civility. You can choose to remain aloof from and mind your own business, but can’t ignore that they are a threat to society and future generation. If I have it my way, I will kill them at sight. No logic, no civility, no kindness. Just one bullet in middle of their forehead and then piss on their dead body.

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