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Re: Infosys Invited To Maharashtra

Originally Posted by viking
Shiv Sainiks post was more about facts, so it was interesting to read. On the contrary all those miles of literature that you posted is not based on facts, but full of your perception and flop predictions. Therefore you will never be given any credence by serious participants in this debate. Your wishful thinking is appreciated though. If you feel that Madras is a better option than Pune, then that itself is good enough for me to stay away from debating with you seriously.
Poor sod cant you read and understand English. FYI I compared Gurgaon with Pune and gave factors why it is better than Pune.

Second fact is that Infy's center in Chennai is bigger than Pune and the center in Mahindra City is expected to host 22 thousand professionals by 2009.

If you were an advisor to ex-Andhra CM Naidu (No one would touch you by a barge pole in reality, even so just a hypothetical scenario) you would have argued that "Naidu gaarru ..ith yis useless competing with Bangaloooore Saaarrr Bangloooore yis faar ahead of Hyderabad saaar wai Bill Gates come to Hyderabad whhen ye hyaas all facccilities in Bangloooore"
Oh yeah Bill Gates quietly came to Bangalore and located Microsoft research Labs in the city. It just happened without much hoopla. Inspite of best efforts of CB Naidu, Andhra is in distant third behind Karnataka and TN.

Jai Maharashtra!
I am sure this quote is enough to scare companies off the state. And you can go about your rantings, nothing is gonna change the state of Bangalore or Chennai or any other city.
Is this really needed??
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