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Re: Ashdoc's short movie review---IT

Have not sen it yet,... just read from a reliable friend,...


Based on Stephen King's seminal novel "It", the new movie is a horror thriller surrounding the mysterious creature known as "It" that manifests itself in the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. "It" terrorizes the town of Derry, MA every 27 years awakening to eat young children. Both the book and the original 1990 TV movie follow the adventures of adults who have returned to Derry to face "It". They remember the childhood trauma they experienced fighting "It" through several flashback episodes.

The 2017 rendition of "It" does away with the mixed narrative. It focuses on only one time period - childhood. As the town of Derry is traumatized by missing kids, a group of misfits bands together forming the "Losers Club". They all share the common experience of being tormented by the bully Henry Bowers and his gang. They all have seen various forms of "It" and have been attacked by it.

The stuttering Billy who is searching for his brother Georgie who was devoured by "It" becomes their de facto leader of sorts inspiring them. Beverly, the only girl in the gang ends up being the one to bring them together and inspires them to fight "It".

All the kids share an excellent camaraderie. Their interactions are effortless and natural. You can see them forming lifelong bonds over the summer. There are many moments in the movie that maturely convey complex behaviors and interactions. Richie's (that kid from stranger things) potty mouth is both disturbing and hilariously delightful at the same time. Mike's struggle to euthanize sheep in the butcher business and his newfound ability to stomach it is a subtly conveyed transformation. The boys are stunned and gawk at Beverly in her undergarments, yet their pubescent behavior is underlined with innocence and genuine friendship. Beverly's reputation as a s**t and her smoking habit is explained by her troubled home life with a sexually abusive father. It is disturbing and gut-wrenching but portrayed in a manner that does not make you squirm.

Of course, the highlight of the movie is Bill Skaarsgard as "It". Bill Skarsgard is actually quite a good looking and charming man. But he totally gets into the character of "It". He transforms into the most grotesque and disturbing clown. That creepy smile will leave an indelible impact.

Overall the film is not as terrifying or disturbing as you would expect it. At least I found it a bit tame for my taste. Come at me bro, scare me more. However, the satisfaction in the film lies in the character arcs, narrative, and some intricately framed sequences. Seriously, the camera frames are exquisite.

The movie sets the stage for the bigger narrative of the book - the losers club returning to Derry to face "It" once again. Perhaps they will up the horror ante with adults. This movie was set in 1989, so part 2 should be set in 2016/2017. Also fun fact, the movie came out 27 years after the original with Tim Curry as "It"

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