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Re: Terrorist attack in Paris

Originally Posted by Origmos View Post
Hey, Kid, what do you expect an IDF soldier to do when the Palestinian people use their children as weapons? What did you expect? Israelis to be as sickular as the foolish people of India?

Its all so convenient, isn't it? For terror in Europe, blame the US for invading Iraq & Syria. For terror in Israel, blame the Jews. For terror in India, blame Babri Masjid and Godhra. You use excuses all around and you claim that Shakti and me are diverting the thread.

And look who is calling whom a moron? The guy who claims Islam is the most scientific religion.
Madam ji, What right Israel has to exist on that land, It's an illegal country. Why it's illegal ? Knock yourself out with this post of mine

During British era of Palestine, There were 79% Muslim citizens, 11% Jewish citizens and 10% Christians, who were living with excellent harmony. After great wars Massive numbers of European Jews illegally entered in Palestine.

On 1st April 1943, 24,670 square Km land was owned by Muslims in contrast to only 1,514 square km land owned by Jews (About 6% by Jews) Citation: Survey Report of Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Jewish problem in Palestine and Europe.

By the End of 1946 Land ownership by Jews (despite massive illegal migration and massive change in population dimensions) only increased to 1624 (only 110 sq km more than what they has in 1943 ) which further increased to around 2000 sq km by 1948 (still just 7.5% of total land). So than How come They formed illegal state of theirs on 20,000+ sq km immediately after that

It was European Jews who actually robbed land of Muslim, Christians and many of native Jews under Zionist movement and erected an illegal country over there, throwing its rightful owners into refugee camps. If you support this, We will know what kind of person you are
You get bunch of armed groups who had no claim over the land, come to Palestine, where original citizens (Muslims, Local Jews and Christians) are living peacefully, they claim land is theirs, throw out people out of their homes into refugee camp and totally illegally erect a country.

Unlike almost everyone I live up to my words, I Said 'Islam is most compatible religion with science' and proved it, You guys here can't even remember THE SINGLE LINE which lead to debate and started saying 'Most scientific religion', So you have bad memory, Inability to judge difference between 'Scientific' and 'compatibility with science'. Sorry to say that but dreaming of beating me in debate, would put 'Mungerilal ke hasin sapne' at shame

In the end I am not 'Kid' I am 'The Man' Of South Asian forum world, Literally So anyone arguing with me would appear a 'Moron', Wanna appear otherwise ? Change your attitude, Listen to me, LEARN. River of knowledge is flowing in front of you and you are filling your Matki (You think as Brain) with muddy pond. By grace of Lord, I am here, Make full use of it.
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