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Re: Netflix movies worth watching

^^ There are 3-4 such boxes are available,..Jadoo, BTV, Boom, Zenith, Shava plus,.. and 1-2 english and other foreign ones,.. they cover many and major of say,... starplus, Star one, Sony, Color, animal, ZTV, aasthaa, aaj-taq,... etc etc
and I had done a detailed survey a 2 months ago and had finally had bought BOOM,.. ( price / coverage efficiency wise ) Initial costs about 220 around USD,.. Jaddoo I think is 170-185,.. BTV is 260+ - you need to search on ebay’s search box and find the right cheaper guy,…but again,.. give them call and ask anything you choose,…

Mind you,….. It’s just a box that just uses internet webs urls to convert them so that they can feed it to your TV/Monitor by proper scrambling,.. so it’s not their guarantee or responsibility what / which channels you may get, nor they are supplying you the channels like startv, Sony, Colors,... etc.,…. ( like Comcast or Verizon ) they may continue / discontinue any channel serial, add/omit which ythey always do,.. Etc,.. ( It’s like buying a magicjack piece and complaining them,.. that no one is calling me from India. Hello,.. all they do is make your PC's sound card, in compitable like regular phone service,...and whoever calls you or do not,... is not their responsibility,.. ) ) but overall they still have much coverage of all major desi channels, they take some legal/illegal contracts scans their web addresses and convert them at 720pixel and put for you to watch,…and scanning from major desi channels and provide max coverage possible,.. and also have HW and BW movies,… but still no one is a official supplier to you officially, of any broadcasts guaranteed or so,.

So before you buy any,.. do proper Ques/Ans about what you get,… also they go with jadoo2, 3 and more versions and smtms cancel the old model ones,.. etc,. so always a risk everywhere,..

You may also try these guys if it suits your needs,..

1-630-246-4788 ( Channel live )

1-866-663-7557 ( YUPPTV )

Or, surf and call,.. On their web ( Jadoo, BTV, BOOM, Shava plus ) they have tons of dealers phone nos to bargain,..or for questionnaire ),

Boom: 845-290-8883, 713-781-2666, 832-441-2675

BTV : 610-955-7987, 702-425-4288,877-762-5432

Few other guys to inquire
for price and all diff models,. Etc,..
703-928-9082, 647-498-3001,

Goggle search for BOOM TV, B-TV, Jadoo,.. Zenith, Shava Plus,.. and ask them the benefits/disadv. v/s price.

Best thing would be searchbox them in ebay’s search box and call the dealers on their phone nos,…ask them and discuss all diff boxes, price, pros and cons,..

But at present these three/four are main boxes used,.

So many other obseleted,../ merged / renamed. - they do some legal/illegal stealing of certain broadcasts to offer to their customers, smtms out of their contract bought and then,... the box discontinues, goes lawsuits,..again comes out with new a name,...

Jadoo, BTV ( B-TV ) , Shava plus, Zenith,.. ( surf on google and E-bay’s search box, also on their main web sites, many dealers phone nos are there - they all are our Indian guys )

old names: Jalwa/Jalsa, Karishma, ( they obsoleted or merged with new names )

I had done a wide research and finally had bought BOOM box,…. So far so good,.. though I watch Hindi movies on Internet’s other sites as qlty is more sharper there,… but few desi shows and live 24-7 desi flavored TV is a boon for US's hosuehold desi ladies to pass time,..... plus, you pay nothing except one time of buying expense of box,.... and ofcourse your Internet service you must have.

These boxes are for house-wifes mainly, who are at home and day is long, or you are at liquor/Indian grocery store counter and you can watch 24/7 to cut your hours-time… when no customer,...

Jadoo has delayed broadcast ( recorded earlier ),… BOOM has "live" as it the same times, the people there in India watches it ( live) ,….......... BTV is very expensive ( USD 299 ) and also has plus and minuses,..
Just call the people and gain knowledge before you buy any,..

This vdo show how it will look,..

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Also they need certain upload/download speed of your internet service provider - so discuss all,..

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