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Re: Netflix movies worth watching

^^ indoor is a loss of quality,... and in this HDTV HiFi Fios time you are compromising watching the poorest qlty of TV with a rabbit ear antenna,... I prefer not to watch at all,.. rather,..

rather go to Homem Depot / Lowes/Radioshack and see if they have small advanced technology wall mounted small antennas
which you can rather put outside your apt. windows on wall, the very small ones,..and can get better signals.

Or,. here is one more idea,...

Hauppauge piece,.... and if you have better and biggest Computer monitor screen 24-27" ,... use it,....
it will scramble some signals from your cable-internet lines and will let you watch local TV channels on your PC.
It's pterry simple... I am using it..if it works you can surf around and by cheaper in e-bay or from any other store,.. ( No monthly fee to pay to any )

Buy from Radioshack,.. and if it does not work out
return within 30-60 days,... Give a try, within return policy,.. it's worth trying,..

read more about this piece,.. it's one end goes to your PC's usb drive port
and the other end you attach,.. to your internet /Antenna's co-axial cable,.. a software needed is very small comes with it,..and their toll free nos will assist you for any Qs and advices,...

If it works,.. you will be very pleased,.. especially My computer,... I always use with two screens,... so I always watch Tv, side by side on the other screen,.. while doing any internet acticity,...... no monthly charges needed to pay to any, you are using your internet wire, that you are alreday paying for the internet.
It's like using voip phones or camera and web chat / web call services, for which, no extra charge to be paid to any, if you dialed thro web,....using your internet.

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