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Re: Ashdoc's hindi movie reviews

Love games ( 2016 )

Love games is another thriller with bold sexual content from the stable of producer Mahesh Bhatt---called Vishesh films . The film centres around three pained individuals with a scarred past . All are rich with no need for striving to earn money , which gives them plenty of time to ruminate over their past and liven up their future playing love games ( what else )....

It begins with the murder by Ramona Raichand ( played by Patralekha ) of her abusive husband . Even in her childhood she has been sexually abused by her uncle . This has turned her into a woman who just has sex for pleasure with both men and women , but who does not understand love .

Her obsession for sex is Sameer Saxena ( played by Gaurav Arora ) also called Sam . He too has been scarred by his mother running away from his father with another man in his childhood . He too does not believe in love due to this . Ramona invites him for threesomes including another girl . But Sam gets bored of threesomes .

Seeing his boredom Ramona invites him to play love games , a game in which they try to have sex with the people they meet in parties....and the one who gets to be in bed first is the winner . This is as hedonistic as it gets and should be called sex games frankly . Added to this debauchery is intake of drugs . But when Sam wins by using various devious tricks Ramona pulls a gun and fires at him repeatedly though missing him . She is at least exceptionally hot tempered if not a psycho .

Sam is also a bit crazy , deliberately hurting himself by cutting his hands using sharp knives to forget the past of his mother running away . His psychiatrist asks him to find true love in order to escape from this .

And true love comes , with the entry of the third pained individual---Alisha Asthana ( Tara Alisha Berry ) , whose husband is suspicious of her loyalty and physically abuses her . Ramona asks Sam to play love games with Alisha , but Alisha who is a doctor shows Sam her patients---people who suffer real physical pain . And he realises how shallow his pain was . Life then takes a u turn for Sam and he becomes the person who Alisha runs to every time her husband beats her . And the inevitable happens---they fall in love .

But Ramona who desires Sam physically cannot bring herself to let him go to another woman completely , and she forces him to be with both women on pain of revealing about the romance to Alisha's husband . But sex games have turned into pure love for Sam and he wants to break free from Ramona's hold . And dreams of freeing Alisha from her husband clutches .

So how does the much in love couple of Alisha and Sam manage to find togetherness after extricating themselves of their erstwhile partners ? Watch the movie for that .

The movie is worth watching for the red hot kissing and uninhibited smooching scenes that adorn it at regular intervals . The atmosphere is as modern and westernised as it gets . And the air is heady with sexual liberation and narcotics . The movie moves at a fast pace with quick twists and turns in the story . Only towards the climax does it falter . But people remember a novel's beginning and a movie's ending....and with the movie's ending being not so great you come out with only a okayish impression of the film .

Photography is good , colours are flashy , and clothes worn by the protagonists are dazzling . Background music is superb and songs are worth hearing again and again . The women look good as they should in such a movie and wear revealing clothes . Acting by everyone is decent . But why a hero ( Gaurav Arora ) who looks like cheapo from the streets ? Couldn't they find someone more presentable as male lead ?

Verdict---okay .

Two and a half stars out of five .
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