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to tell very frankly to me it seemslike a dhakonselay baaji by pakistan.
its just that they spoilt their name internationally, they have to show something like "we are always ready for peace, india is the one who shys out"
other wise, even as we are talking about the summit even right now, ISI is planning some mischief in the background.

thats also one of te reasons i would say indias decision of issuing visas to border folks in pakistan is something i would highly regret. (check out the TOI few days back)
and in return pakistan freed ONE indian from imprisonment in pakistan.
what ever happened to all our fishermen they have imprisoned and soldiers of war in their custody. ( we only get thir mutiliated bodies)

india wouldnt have anything to loose if at all pakistan was a reliable country.
i personally see pakistan as a highly instable country. a place where the prime minister could be hanged by a military chief.
its not a democracy anymore. its a dictatorship.
to please the people they could do anything.

its like they are appling the genghis khan principle. like what he said to unite all of mongolia, just give them (all the tribes in mongolia) a common enemy. thats the only one thing that makes them forget their own hunger and poverty.

well, the only problem i see is pakis never keep their promises.
the summit should happen. but trusting pakis is entirely different issue.
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