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Arrow Re: Separate state-wise break-up of acid attacks on women and of rapes in India.

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Some people say rapes and acid-attacks are caused due to lack of education and/or poverty. Actual cases indicate something else.

Rapists can also be from elite background, the cream of the society. Some rapists have got the best of education Indians can aspire for. Education and upbringing doesn’t ameliorate their conscience. Many acid attackers too are from well-off family. Many acid-attackers can afford to bribe the authorities to hush-up the case. Hence they move about with full freedom without any worry or disturbance to their lives.

Examples of such cases:
Rape convict Bitti Mohanty was an exemplary student, says college official. Most likely it is due to his father's genes. His father must also have been an exemplary student. That's why he cleared IPS exam.

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