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Re: Pushya Nakshatra - Astrology gone haywire!

Arguements are there in the book.See if you can comprehend them to refute them.I am merely an instrument to point you to the path.Treading the path has to be your conscious choice at your chosen time.

Read the book ONLY when you have realised that science is not able to answer all the possible simle ordinary questions that you have like why were you born as a male and why not as a female or a eunuch and why were you born to a particular set of parents and why not to the one next door,when exactly will you die.

Science will merely tell you that you will die for sure,astrology will tell you when precisely will that happen,where and how and in what fashion for this incarnation of yours.

Read the book only after realising that inspite of being familiar with science and the scientific process of examination you yet do not know the details of the dark energy and dark matter comprising 95% of the cosmos.

Read the book only when the realisation has dawned upon you that the only thing that you know is that you know nothing.

It is only then that you will stand corrected that Astrology is the Super Science whose subset is science ie Astrology is the Holistic Science.

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