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Re: Time for culture change at EC?

It is a big muddle. All the new names, and whether several of them are the same person, and whether member riri is talking about this forum or some other forum, and where all these names come up. Getting all these names tabulated, and finding out about the various allegations from all the links etc. is going to take mucho tiempo. In the mean time, what is clear is the underlying scheme:

WTF means Worldwide Takeover of Forums. Jagmohan is at the center of the thing. We don't know where he lives, or how many avatars he has hired. May be these are people outsourced and working in India, philippines, Mexico and Russia. We don't really know. They all post, in all forums. Jagmohan is very likely seated in a large cushiony sofa in the middle of a circular room, fondling a hairy, white cat to warm up his lap and looking at all the monitors all around him. All Jagmohanesque posts are displayed onscreen, as they get posted by the various outsource coolies everywhere.

"WTP ? (What's the point?) " one may wonder. We don't know. May be Jagmohan has no hair.... like Austin Powers in "Gold Member". And he wants all forum members to tear off theirs and become bald like him. We just don't know.

In the meantime, internet forums worldwide are deploying their own seasoned seniors in dupe-newbie ID's to infiltrate this conspiracy. Wah..hah..hah..hah..haaww..[devilish laughter].. and challenging Jag to take his best shot.

[For the movie script we should also throw in some sharks, alligators, and girls with suitable whatevers.. holding silencer clad automatic pistols in suggestive postures].

A Soap-Box thread has the risk of ending in a Soap Opera.

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