View Full Version : kashmir issue : new perspective

August 29th, 2000, 06:08 AM
This headline caught my attention and I went through it. It seems to be a good piece of research from legal and historic point of view on the Kashmir problem.

Anyone who is arguing about Kashmir here, must read this article, since it does not make sense to agrue, if we do not know the entire story.


What is interesting is that the new BJP govt. which was supposed to be very agressive is also cooling off. They were agressive and must retain their stand on all issues.

Otherwise, i again feel, that democracy is not for India (at least for next 1 year or so) to remove all the dirt. It has been too much. I just cannot take it any more. There is unrest in every state, ISI works as he is a civil body, people do not love their country anymore (yeah. belive me. its true) and we face major problems from outside and neighbours like pakistan.

To make people feel for the country, do we need to go under slavery for few more years ? it seems so. untill you spill your blood to get your freedom, you dont really feel like working for your country.