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August 23rd, 2000, 07:01 AM
Strange part is USA knows and whole world knows even CNN and BBC showed on TV that Pakistan is training and arming Terrorists , but no one has a balls to condemn them and ban them .. And USA plays a double standard whenever India tells them about Cross border terrorism with Pakistan , just turns around justifying to solve the problems ourselves and teaches us about respcting LOC and not to cross LOC !!!. What a contradict nature ha ?. Below is a news report in today's Times of India
So who will justify this double standard of USA
Cross-border raids against terrorists justified: US
WASHINGTON: The US has justified limited cross-border raids against terrorists as long as they are limited in scope and duration and observe the rights of civilians in the area.

Answering a question on the periodic cross-border raids against Kurds by Turkey carried out on Iraqi territory on the grounds that Iraq-based terrorists strike at Turkey, State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said, "In general, we support Turkey's right to defend itself against terrorism as long as the cross-border activities are limited in scope and duration and they scrupulously observe the rights of civilians in the area." (PTI)

August 23rd, 2000, 01:46 PM
Upto now al the Western countires thought of India and Pakistan as tow developing nations having some minor conflicts. I mean, they did not care much as they cared for Middel East peace becasue of business interests. Business interests in teh form of oil. The Middel East has to offer oil which is more important to the West.

Whereas India and Pakistan did not have anything to offer - except maybe new consumer markets.

Now that both have nuclear capabilities, the world is suddenly aware of India and Pak. Also India now is the top provider of IT talent. This is evident from teh GErman request for Indian IT professionals, then Australia and now Japan asking for It talent.

No country takes any interest in any other country unless there is some business interest. So now that India is a business interest like IT talent and consumer markets, most of the West is now trying to cooperate with India. India - Pakistan problem is also being given prominence in western media.

Just a little more time and we will also be heard firmly and some action will be taken.

August 27th, 2000, 10:54 AM
yeah yeah,
i might sound a little immature to the WISE GUYS around.
but do we really need to give a damn to what the US does. i mean, now that they all need our IT folks to work in thier countries, without which even their economies might not flourish, cant we take on the pakistan ourselves. i mean, pakistan is isolated. no one asks for pakis.
what modern pakistan is basically based on is HATE INDIA. no identity of thier own. america is something which will always support pakis, but we really have nothing to bother.