View Full Version : BBC news on Kashmir

January 23rd, 2001, 07:57 AM
I was seeing the BBC news this morning and was surprised as to what is portrayed by them on kashmir. The attitude and the way the broadcast went was as if india was to blame for the seperatist movement and gross human rights violations by our troops out there. Also stated was interview with some hurriyat leader on the ceasefire but according to that asshole he says peace cannot be achieved in kashmir without pakistan. that ****in slime ball lives in india and talks about kashmir. I got the feeling fromt he news article that india needs some serious PR work to do with regards to kashmir with all the countries in the world. But one thing is there for sure we are not going to see peace return to our country till the blood sucker on the other side of the border is not quashed.

January 23rd, 2001, 08:35 AM
Yap, Padhu, its serious problem, its not only BBC, all of the world media, it seems have biased toward the Kashmir issue, actually those paki bastards are working hard for publicity and our politicians don’t have time to think beyond their Kursi.

If anyone of us made any stopover in some Islamic country (even though not that fanatic like Napakistan and Afganistan) like Malaysia, Brunei or say Saudi, while watching TV, you’ll realize soon, that news and media biased and doing favor towards Napakistan.

Y’day I was watching Rossane (a comedy drama on superstation), that lady making laugh of one Bengali by asking some untouchable related question and that guy giving answer proudly that yes we do have two category one is higher and one is lower, whatever higher society don’t wanna do (shit jobs), we’ll give it to untouchable (that stupid ABCD whose doing that part, worked hard for his makeup, so he looks more stupid), then that lady respond back by saying Oh yeah, for that kind of jobs we do have illegal aliens in our country.

Whom to blame, some of us only made this image of India, many Thanks to god, the current breed of software engineers upbringing this image worldwide