View Full Version : India-China relations: Are we on track or on rocky ground?

January 10th, 2001, 07:02 PM
Just windering whether China is finally an ally or a foe still?
Here is more:

Li's Beijing remarks reveal tension

HONG KONG: Disparaging remarks made by China's second ranking Communist leader Li Peng in his country's controlled press before his visit to India, reveal underlying tension in the otherwise improving Sino-Indian relations.

Li's formal position does not fully convey his rank in the Chinese hierarchy. He is chairman of China's National People's Congress, a position roughly equivalent to speaker of the Lok Sabha, though the NPC meets much less frequently than the Indian Parliament, and is, of course, a much more controlled institution.

Earlier, from 1988 to 1998 Li was prime minister, with only President Jiang Zemin, who is also Chinese Communist Party secretary general, holding a superior rank. However, when Zhu Rongji replaced Li Peng as prime minister, Li still significantly retained his number two position in the CCP hierarchy.

Given Li's rank in the Chinese leadership it is somewhat surprising that Prime Minister Vajpayee will not be in New Delhi to meet him, but will instead be away, paying attention to China's southeastern neighbour, Vietnam. Interestingly, Vajpayee had cut short his China trip in 1978 when China attacked Vietnam. Li's visit comes as BJP spokesmen have complained loudly about China dumping cheap consumer goods in the Indian market, an issue which will presumably be taken up with Li during his visit.

Conversely, China's controlled media has been saying less than complimentary things about India recently. For example, last week the Global Times, a publication related to the official CCP newspaper, the People's Daily, offered its readers this comparison: "The biggest difference (between India and China) is in living conditions. Beijing eliminated power cuts a long time ago and everyone has running water. In New Delhi power cuts are frequent in some areas."

"In the slums law and order is bad and power and water are rationed. New Delhi has no subway and few overpasses. Buses are old and dilapidated and traffic congestion terrible. Private ownership of cars is much lower than in Beijing".Leaving aside the accuracy of this rather one-sided comparison, the strictly controlled Chinese media is usually much less critical when their top leaders are about to visit major foreign nations. Such comments stand in contrast to the complimentary comparisons made by defence minister George Fernandes in a speech last November when he noted the ways in which China was ahead of India.


January 10th, 2001, 07:16 PM
I think the policies of current government are correct. We cannot trust China who had backstabbed us once. They still hold onto our important place Manas Sarovar. They have aspirations of becoming a world power same as india. To ek bil me do nag kaise rah sakte hai? Infact during Kargil war there were reports in newspaper that China had brought its army very close to our border to pressurise us and giving signal that don't try to get into Pakistan else we will not tolerate that. Our government is doing right in reaching out to other countries who are wary of China.

January 10th, 2001, 07:47 PM
I don't understand why we need good relations with China, infact why do we need any kind of relations? Why the hell does our president do to china? Why??
They have back stabbed us, have defense relations with Pakistan and Burma, have covered us from all sides on our border, and most importantly not ready to talk with us on the border issue. Lot of our land still remails with Chinese including a major portion of Kashmir?
I say, we Indians are sick, absolutely pathetic kind of creatures on the earth. We not just do not have self respect but also courage to stand upto chinese.

January 10th, 2001, 08:43 PM
AGNI... that's what we are doing to improve our relations with China... n that's what is needed... :mad:

Deploy long range thermonuclear missiles targeting Beijing NOW!