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December 27th, 2000, 01:53 PM
I was just reading the news on Times of india when i read about this disturbing trend. RSS targeting new year festivities.....ABVP banning valentines day celebration. I wanna know that who are these people to dictate terms to me as to who and what i celebrate. They already have their way in renaming all the landmarks in bombay already...now they say i cant celebrate new years day too. What the hell is happening to india...first there was a gap created between hindus and muslims...now its christains who are being targetted....who next???????
i remember very well that 10 years ago the picture was so different...there was so much peace around....i had never even heard of riots in bombay. Now its so different. why cant these people let us all live in peace and not create a divide between us......dont they know that the enememy is across the border and not inside.

I should say these RSS and VHP and ABVP are just wimps....They know how to target defenceless and peace loving people....if they have so much guts...why dont they go to kashmir and help our army kill the militants...why dont they go to the border and keep a vigil so that there is no infiltration.....i hate to say this...but they are destroying my country and my people and there is nothing that i can do about it....shame on me and shame on all of us to keep quiet about all this.

December 27th, 2000, 02:06 PM

I agree. These guys want to make India a fundamentalist , fanatical state like Pakistan. There has been a subtle change from Bharat to Hindustan. I could not comprehend this, as I have been out of the country for a while now. But, since the hindu religion itself does not give them much leeway towards their fanaticism, they tend to hang their hats on ceremony.

Change this name, stop that celebration. These are all feeble attempts to forcefully exclude everything that is not Hindu. I used to say I am proud to be a Hindu, as I can still go to a church or mosque without raising any eyebrows. These guys (RSS etc) want to change that to "You are a Hindu, to the exclusion of every other religion".

Hinduism never preached intolerance. These guys do.

December 27th, 2000, 02:50 PM
In the zest for patriotism and nationalistic pride, the VHP, ABVP, RSS, et al have taken things a bit too far.

I remember the many Christmas Eve and New Years' Eve parties that I went to in Mumbai. Especially in Bandra and Gorai.

It is sad and downright crazy that these parties are now dictating their terms on normal people who do not have the same hatred as these guys for other religions.

Unfortunately these parties have equated nationalism with hatred for Muslims and Christians. Come on guys... get a life!! :(

Agreed that Pakistanis and Pak loving individuals and groups are causing problems in India, but preventing otherwise peace loving and law abiding citizens from simple pleasures like parties is definitely shameful :mad:

I am a Hindu but I regret and protest these stupid actions taken by such parties under the name of Hindutva!

December 28th, 2000, 10:26 PM
Please,RSS is a socio Cultural organization and Indian Constitution has given right to every Group to preach its ideology,unless that ideology goes against the state.
It is their ideology about not celebrating New Year,
You are not forced to Follow that,They are not Forcing You.
That message is for their members and Followers.

I am neither a follower and I also do not appreciate their views,particularly on Ayodhya,but it would be wrong to
criticize them for everything.
Padhu if no one can stop you from celebrating New Year,then
No One should stop the followers of RSS from not celebrating New Year.It is totally up to one's choice.
Mr Echarkha,you said with full confidence that it was RSS that was behind attack on Christians.But Your knowledge is half Knowledge is half knowledge.It was "Deendar Anjum"
who attacked Churches in Andhra and Karnatka to malign India's image in west.
Other Attacks were personal disputes.You people read the main news but later on forget the Clarification.
If a Christian in India Indulges in a Personal dispute,and is hurt in a Street Fight it becomes attack against Christian,what Nonsence.And our Somuch concerned about India guys sitting in USA are ready to Demonize RSS for that.
If other Socio-Religious organization could ask its followers to do or not to do something,why can't RSS.
Again I am repeating here I vehemently oppose their
Ayodhya policy.
Why this unnecessary Demonization of a particular organization,why they are only targetted,not the others.

December 29th, 2000, 07:27 AM
The RSS and the bajrang dal dont ask you to stop it but they resort to violence to stop celebrations. Last year when i was visiting bombay...it was on the front page of the Time of India that on last new years eve in IC Colony, Borivali, Mumbai....memebers of the Bajrang Dal forcefully closed down the party...broke the spekers and insulted the women in the party. Now you tell me if someone wants to enjoy themselves then why do these guys have to put a stop to it.....Secondly they are opposing it because they say that 31st december hails the coming in of the Christian New Year. Now isn't that communalism.... Why bring christians into it. The whole world celebrates 31st dec so why cant we indians do that. Those who want to, let them celebrate...those who dont want to...then sit at home and watch TV...why screw up someone elses festivities. As for the attack on christians...maybe they were done by someone else other than the RSS , but the news everyday says something else...as there are utterances given by high pundits and RSS leaders against christians very openly nowdays...plus attacks on christians priests and nuns.....I dont think that the RSS knows what missionaries and christians are. Once they know that...then this problem will not happen. Hindus, Muslims, Christains, Parsis, Sikhs etc have been living in peace for so long in india.....all i am asking from these hindutva forces is not to create a divide between all communities in india. The greatness of india is that it is an influx of so many religions living together. Dont break this lovely atmosphere to prosper your political agenda.

December 29th, 2000, 08:08 AM

If the members of the RSS and their allies do not want to celebrate New Years Eve on 31st December, they are most welcome not to. It is their consitutional right. But, they cannot stop others from doing the same as that is an infringement of someone else's rights. The problem is not so much that they dont want to celebrate, they want to ban all celebrations and stop others from doing so. Who gives them that right ??

Remember, any kind of fundamentalism is not good for India. Especially given the problems we have on our borders, terrorism etc, going after New Years festivities is like trying to use a kachchua chaap machchar agarbatti to keep mosquitoes away when the whole house is on fire.

December 29th, 2000, 12:58 PM
The RSS can wear theri uniforms on 31st December and parade all they want in their own place. But please DONT STOP OTHERS FROM ENJOYING THEMSELVES..

Otherwise RSS will be like any other stupid organisation the Taliban who enforce their views on everyone - whether the people like it or not.

December 31st, 2000, 01:44 PM

December 31st, 2000, 03:30 PM
Happy New year To Everyone :)

(and btw I am a BJP supporter, but not crazy like some people in RSS)

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